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Smashing pumpkins

RHA prepares for annual Halloween pumpkin drop

Sruthi Meka, Staff Reporter

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Nothing signifies fall quite as much on Case Western Reserve University’s campus as the Residence Hall Association’s annual pumpkin drop. On Oct. 31, students will be able to drop pumpkins from the 11th floor of Clarke Tower and watch them smash on the ground below.

The pumpkin drop has been a campus tradition for more than 20 years.

“The RHA pumpkin drop is a fabulous event,” said Anish Selvam, president of the RHA Clarke Tower Community Council. “People can eat some pies and stuff like that, and we’re going to have a couple of games and activities. We’re going to have new music there. It’s going to be a really good event.”

In preparation for the event, the council will purchase 300 pumpkins from a local market, which will be brought by truck to Clarke Tower. The council hopes the event will promote a sense of community and belonging within the student body, while letting students bond over their fascination with falling objects.

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Smashing pumpkins