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One shot, one film

One shot, one film

Richard Pannullo, Contributing Reporter May 15, 2020

Holy mackerel, Slim Shady is right! Cinema is already a ridiculously complex art form, but somehow there are directors insane enough to ask, “what if we did this whole thing in one go?” Like a masterfully...

Dance your days away while social distancing

Dance your days away while social distancing

Sarah Parr, Director of Business Operations May 15, 2020

As someone who has trained in multiple styles of dance since the age of four, not being able to move in a studio has been really hard during this social distancing thing—and the fact that I didn't bring...

Guide to the golden age of psychedelic rock

Matt Hooke, Executive Editor May 13, 2020

Now that we are in quarantine, there isn’t much to do but stare at the ceiling. Sure, you could try to be Shakespeare and write “King Lear” during these times, but how many of us have that kind of...

Not just for kids

Sofi Mira, Contributing Reporter May 13, 2020

Graphic novels are easy to overlook, especially when you’re an adult. As a child, I remember feeling ashamed of wanting to pick the books that contained more lines, shapes and colors than words. They...

Couples in Quarantine

Couples in Quarantine

Chris Markham, Copy Editor May 13, 2020

Many college couples have been forced to separate far earlier than they anticipated, and may be looking for ways they can still interact and stay connected. This is also true for couples that live in the...

Jazz Music

Sean Lacy, Contributing Reporter May 13, 2020

When we can’t leave the house, music often helps us feel as though we’re somewhere else. Jazz, that soul-stirring, uniquely American sound, is especially good at transporting us to happier places and...

It’s Okay to laugh

Jessica Stoner, Contributing Reporter May 13, 2020

For the last few years, people have been saying things “can’t get worse.” Please stop, or at least knock on wood. Seeing as laughter often turns out to center around tragedy or something else negative,...

Facing fear with fear

Halle Rose, Staff Reporter May 12, 2020

Fear is a universal and powerful human emotion. It renders us wary of things like small spaces and spiders; it gives jumping out of airplanes and swimming with sharks their thrill. Fear is the sixth sense...

Screen-based self-care

Macin Sheeder, Contributing Reporter May 12, 2020

With nowhere to go and little to do at home, many college students—myself included—have turned to our phones for meaningless entertainment to fill the coronavirus-induced void. But, if you’ve ever...

Quarantine vibez

Tobili Hatcher, Staff Reporter May 12, 2020

Playlist 1: Reflection on April 2020 Spotify URL: spotify:playlist:5JyTLhTRGKWloZAgyCE83v  As I sit here and try to figure out where the 21st century version of the Roaring ’20s went wrong, I can’t...

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