June 5, 2015


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Downtown Cleveland is filled with events during the weekend.

May 23, 2015: Protests began in downtown Cleveland after the verdict, with 71 total protesters arrested for “failure to disperse,” according to deputy police chief Wayne Drummond. According to the CPD’s Twitter, three people were also arrested for aggravated rioting and felonious assault on a restaurant patron.

May 24, 2015: Fifty-eight of the 71 arrested appeared in court for charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, a reduced charge from failure to disperse. They were released after being charged with time already served. The $150 fine was waived.

May 26, 2015: In a settlement between Cleveland and the Department of Justice over their conclusion that officers used excessive force, the CPD agreed to strict rules for use of force. The settlement includes the creation of a Community Police Commission; reformation of use of force policies, including rules stating that officers can not use force when people talk back or run away and prohibiting pistol whipping and firing warning shots; more effective officer training to prevent bias; the creation of a Mental Health Response Advisory Committee; improved technology in police cars; and a strategic recruitment plan. An independent monitor will check to ensure that officers are complying with the new rules. There are also new requirements for collecting data on use of force.

May 29, 2015: Prosecutors asked an appellate court to look at legal errors by Judge O’Donnell, acknowledging that while the verdict still stands, errors were “egregious.”  The prosecutors say that O’Donnell incorrectly concluded that it would be impossible to tell if Brelo had fired the fatal shots; that he misused laws about application of deadly force; and that he considered felonious assault as a lesser offense, when he should have considered aggravated assault. Although the acquittal verdict cannot be changed, the prosecutors say that they want the verdict corrected to prevent future mistakes.

June 3, 2015: Brelo and his brother, Mark, surrendered to the CPD, facing assault charges for a drunken brawl. According to the police, they were called after Mark knocked on a woman’s door saying that he needed help after “an incident” with his brother. Both had visible injuries. Both brothers were released, with Michael’s arraignment scheduled for June 10.

June 8, 2015: Both Brelo and his brother plead not guilty for the assault. Because they entered their pleas via fax, they are not expected at their June 10 arraignment date. (Updated June 10 at 8:30 a.m.)

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