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Chintada: Representation of the South Asian diaspora in US media needs to change

Latavya Chintada, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

As a South Asian, I often find myself and my culture underrepresented in many forms of American media. Most South Asians born in the United States grew up confined to a certain stereotype portraying us...

Editorial: The sexism women face in the job market based on their looks is unacceptable

Editorial Board September 17, 2021

We live in a world where our role in the professional world is dictated by the way we look and dress. There is an expectation that we dress a certain way, that our features—such as hair or eyebrows—are...

Johnson: Why I’m tired of “Great Men” history

Grace Johnson, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

I love history. There is something so fascinating and special about discovering the intricate details of the way others resided on this same planet as we did, just at a different point in our rotation...

Reyna: Thoughts on being back

Christian Reyna, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

Case Western Reserve University has opened its doors fully to its students this academic year in hopes of a step forward to normalcy. Students moved back in last month, some seeing friends they hadn’t...

If other countries around the world are teaching valuable language skills to their children, why isn't the United States?

Radwan: Foreign language competence in the U.S. should improve

Aziz Radwan, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

How necessary is it for us to learn a foreign language? Is learning a second or a third language worth the time, effort or investment? In the United States, it seems people think it is only necessary to...

Kinstler: Everyone has something

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

“Everyone has something.” That’s what my Abnormal Psychology professor told our class my first year when we were learning about the barriers that prevent people from seeking therapy. “Everyone...

Editorial: The different pressures of social media

Editorial Board September 10, 2021

By now, we all know that social media is fake. What we see on social media is never the whole story and has been edited to reflect whatever narrative that the poster wants to portray. Over the past 15...

Bilinovich: The Texas anti-abortion law is nothing to celebrate

Beau Bilinovich, Development Editor September 10, 2021

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court declared abortion legal across the United States in the monumental case of Roe V. Wade. Ever since that seminal court case, the Supreme Court has ruled, time and time...

Jain: How to slow down in life for stressed-out students

Priyanka Jain, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

Speaking from experience, following the capitalistic motto “busy is better” has not improved my life in the areas that truly matter—self-love, relationships and enjoyment of life. I can attest to...

Kuntzman: CWRU should add an Intro to Cleveland course to its general education requirements

Caroline Kuntzman, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

Like most colleges and universities in the United States, Case Western Reserve University has general education requirements. All undergraduate students are required to complete two semesters of physical...

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