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A look back: best of songs

15. Katy Perry- “Teenage Dream”

Katy Perry re-emerged on the scene this year and quickly released hit after hit that blew everyone out of the water. Sexy and confident, Perry brought to life some boys’… and girls’ dreams in the hot video filmed for the single. Even without it, the song itself instantly makes whoever is listening feel better about their crappy love life, if only for a minute.

14. La Roux- “Bulletproof”

I must admit, when the song hit mainstream radio, I thought it was sung by Justin Bieber. Call me crazy, but it made me love Bieber until I found out it wasn’t him. Instead, it’s by a funky electro-pop diva with a great album and every indie dance club in the country backing her.

13. Caribou- “Odessa”

This is the first song off of their new album Swim and it starts the album off right. One of the catchiest songs for an indie band obsessed with club culture and a noise-tinged sound.

12. Chromeo- “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

Chromeo is the perfect blend of contemporary pop and ‘70s slow jams. This is the perfect song to set the mood right before a one night stand or a date at a low-lit bar.

11. Young Money ft. Lloyd- “Bedrock”

Even though the chorus was one of the most cheesy pick-up lines ever created, there isn’t anything sexier than Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and all the Young Money crew rapping on this track. The Young Money clique has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

10. of Montreal- “Coquet Coquette”

The new album False Priest wasn’t much to rave about, but “Coquet Coquette” is an example of of Montreal working up-tempo tunes to their finest. What sets this trippy number apart is the twisted, sexual, and witty lyrics of Montreal work into their songs.

9. Best Coast-“ Boyfriend”

Even though most Best Coast songs are about break-ups, boy –toys, or cats, all of their songs are sung with the same sugary, sun-drenched sweetness that you would think they were all celebrating love like in this single.

8. Hot Chip- “One Life Stand”

This song sounds like it was made in response to hearing an awesome video game soundtrack with a melody that is totally a flashback to 80’s classics. The whole One Life Stand album was great, but this song was by far its best.

7. Taio Cruz- “Dynamite”

This single wins the Feel Good Anthem Award of 2010. Why not just celebrate and live your life? Throw your hands up and feel good about listening to this song.

6. M.I.A.- “XXXO”

The remix of this song features Jay-Z and walks all over other dance tunes put out this year. The much anticipated album may not have been what everyone expected, but this single was drenched in M.I.A. world-pop style.

5. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce- “Telephone”

Paired with one of the best music videos of the year, “Telephone” brought together two pop queens to make the single that they were destined to collaborate on. With Gaga’s dramatic and theatrical vocals and Beyonce’s fierce verse, this song continued to catapult both to icon status.

4. Kanye West ft. Bon Iver, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj- “Monster”

Every person that rapped on this track IS a monster of the hip hop game. Even though Kanye got even more rude this year, it is one of the most exciting and collaborative songs out now. The verses are smart, sick, and quotable. Anyone who was somebody this year in American hip-hop is on this track.

3. Yeasayer- “O.N.E.”

If your ex doesn’t move you anymore this song sure will. Built up on an infectious ‘80s inspired beat, this song is all about ditching your old infatuation, getting back on your feet and out of their bed. “O.N.E.” is one of the best “F-U” songs ever made.

2. Arcade Fire-“We Used to Wait”

When this album came out, I put it in my CD player and cried. This song especially was the most moving because of its strong message and its intensity. “We Used to Wait” calls to mind the full bodied sound of classic Arcade Fire and centers on highly accessible emotions and themes for the listener.

1. Sleigh Bells-“Infinity Guitars”

I can listen to this track a thousand times over and not get sick of it. Sleigh Bells is one singer, one guitarist, good production, and a huge amount of attitude. The blazing guitars and dub-style drumbeats on this track are enough to make you lose your mind. Shout along and shake your booty cause this song was the best made this year.

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