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Netflixs newest international thriller, Three-Body Problem, inspired by the critically aclaimed novels by Liu Cixin, falls short in its screen adaptation. With a lack of Asian representation and excessive use profane imagery, the series highlights Hollywoods obsession with westernizing media.

Chaos theory on screen: Random, unnecessary changes to Netflix’s “3 Body Problem” are its downfall

Darcy Chew, Copy Editor April 5, 2024

On March 21, Netflix released all eight episodes of its highly anticipated show “3 Body Problem,” based on the Nebula Award-nominated and Hugo Award-winning book of the same name and its subsequent...

“Love is Blind” season six is bad reality TV at its finest

“Love is Blind” season six is bad reality TV at its finest

Shivangi Nanda, Executive Editor March 29, 2024

In the world of Tinder and Hinge where first-impressions reign supreme, many feel as though personality takes the backseat when entering the dating pool. Enter the reality dating show “Love is Blind,”...

The Marvels, featuring Captain Marvel (middle), Ms. Marvel (left) and Captain Monica Rambeau (right), relies heavily on humorous cinematic effects which ultimately lead the film to fall flat—a common theme within the recent releases of MCU Phase 5.

“The Marvels”: MCU Phase 5’s highly anticipated trio

Gloria Liu, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

Throughout the long history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), female characters have taken the franchise by storm. While Phase 3 phased out a few longstanding icons and Phase 4 introduced new ones...

Justine Triets thrilling courtroom drama Anatomy of a Fall has already garnered praise, including winning two Golden Globes, and it is slated to gain more with five upcoming Academy Award nominations.

“Anatomy of a Fall” is as forensic as the name suggests

Kethan Srinivasan, Social Media Content Creator March 1, 2024

Most courtroom dramas tend to be compelling pieces of Oscar bait, and for good reason: revelatory investigations, intense cross-examinations and a restoration to order take a heavy weight off the audience’s...

The Last Dinner Party releases highly anticipated debut album Prelude to Ecstasy with cover art that symbolizes the dramatic tone of the tracks.

“Prelude to Ecstasy” is a shallow spectacle

Kate Gordon, Life Editor February 16, 2024

From the titular opening track of “Prelude to Ecstacy,” it’s clear that The Last Dinner Party is trying to put on a show. A review from The Guardian puts it best: the orchestral overture is “so...

Catering to a wide audience from die-hard football fans to those only tuning in to the Super Bowl for the ads, the newest season of HBOs Hard Knocks features a deep dive into the Miami Dolphins and its standout players.

Highlights from the latest “Hard Knocks” documentary with the Miami Dolphins

Gloria Liu, Contributing Writer February 16, 2024

For the 2023 NFL season, “Hard Knocks”—a collaboration between HBO and the NFL—featured the Miami Dolphins, arguably one of the greatest powerhouses in the NFL. Every NFL in-season, “Hard Knocks”...

Emma Stone (left) delivers an impressive and nuanced performance in Yorgos Lanthimos Poor Things, while Mark Ruffalos (right) performance falls short.

“Poor Things” delivers a visual journey, not a moral one

Kethan Srinivasan, Staff Writer February 9, 2024

“So, does anyone want to stop by CVS?” That was the first response I heard from a group of seven people and myself following a blind Saturday night viewing of Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things.”...

Past Lives, a rich and poignant film, explores evolving relationships, lost loves and the sacrifices that come along them.

“Past Lives” is a love story without the melodrama

Kethan Srinivasan, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

A Korean man, a Korean woman and a white man are seen together at a dimly lit bar on a quiet New York City evening. Two other people, though unseen, are heard speaking about the trio, wondering what their...

A disappointing ode to the iconic 2000s classic Mean Girls (2024) falls short in its attempt to bring the Broadway musical to the big screen with lackluster performances and mediocre musical numbers.

“Mean Girls” is another remake gone wrong

Shivangi Nanda, Executive Editor February 2, 2024

Debuting in 2004, the original “Mean Girls” has since become a cult classic, giving audiences a time capsule of teenage life in the early 2000s. Its later transition to the Broadway stage only further...

This years Bachelor, 28-year-old tennis pro Joey Graziadei, has only just begun his journey of narrowing down 32 elligible bachelorettes to the one, with the latest seasons first episode airing Jan. 22.

ABC’s “The Bachelor” returns for its 28th season, stoking drama and tears

Zachary Treseler, News Editor February 2, 2024

America’s favorite melodramatic dating competition show, “The Bachelor,” has returned for its 28th season. For those unfamiliar with the show’s premise, one man dates 32 women at the same time—who...

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