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A joint statement of support for the Asian community

March 12, 2021

To the Case Western Reserve Community, We write today in response to the increasing frequency of violent attacks against Asian people in the United States and to express our unequivocal support...

A response to “A better CWRU is a safer CWRU”

Andrew Petracca and Aliah Lawson February 5, 2021

We write to respond to Rebecca Joseph, author of "A better CWRU is a safer CWRU" published on Jan. 24 in The Observer. We agree. A better CWRU is a safer CWRU, and we thank Ms. Joseph for her input. However,...

A better CWRU is a safer CWRU: Reforms to sexual assault procedures are needed

Rebecca Joseph January 24, 2021

Trigger Warning: sexual assault. “For a Better CWRU'' is the name of the task force created this past summer to address issues of diversity, inclusion and advocacy on Case Western Reserve University’s...

LTTE: Men: Listen to Women. Everyone: Give USG a Break.

Dalia Zullig November 13, 2020

For those who don’t know me, my name is Dalia Zullig, and I have been a member of the Undergraduate Student Government for almost four years. I am many other things, but for the purposes of this letter...

LTTE: Attn: Case Western Reserve University Department of Theater

July 4, 2020

In response to the Case Western Reserve University Department of Theater’s incredibly disappointing and insufficient statement on diversity and inclusion, we, a coalition of current students and alumni...

LTTE: There’s a place for tolerance

Tim Sprunt, Student May 4, 2020

Abortion is perhaps the most contentious issue facing our country today. Despite the social progress that we have made in recent years (and there is still much more to go), the divide between those who...

LTTE: Universal Pass/No Credit is not inclusive

The fact that Universal Pass/No Credit attempts to address off-campus disparity is a noble idea. However, such a policy does not account for the diversity in opinion of the greater student body and is,...

Letter to the Student Body

Student Roundtable April 14, 2020

To the Case Western Reserve University student body: We are writing this letter at a time of great stress for everyone at Case Western Reserve University, particularly its students. Along with you,...

LTTE: A token of whose esteem? Or a token of my extreme?

LTTE: A token of whose esteem? Or a token of my extreme?

Deepak Sarma, Professor of Religious Studies at CWRU November 8, 2019

A family friend whose child is considering applying to Case Western Reserve University was surprised to see my picture in the “Think Humanities” brochure handed out by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions...

Ltte: Why student course evaluations may actually be a disservice to students

Maurice Adams, Professor Emeritus in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering November 1, 2019

In the early 20th century, when relatively few individuals went to college, student course evaluations served as prudent pedagogy. In modern times, however, they have evolved in a fashion that is surely...

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