Alan Sumski

Year: Second
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Holmdel, N.J.

What is your biggest goal for USG in the 2014-2015 Academic Year?
I would like to act to make the overall daily lives of people smoother and thus improve their undergraduate experience through continuing to focus on academic affairs.

Other campus positions outside of USG: 
Public Relations Chair of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Director of Public Relations of AMSA Premedical Organization

Prior USG experience / initiatives undertaken
I joined USG freshman year to represent the people and address the issues they express. Through my time I have worked to address initiatives such as concerns regarding the SAGES program as well as gym credit for certain sports clubs.

What is the biggest issue you see your position having to face? How do you specifically plan on tackling it?
Working to effectively represent the recently declared freshman engineering majors. While they are represented by the freshmen representatives, there will be benefit in also being represented by those in their school. I plan on tackling it by introducing ways for the freshman to specifically communicate with the engineering caucus.