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A conversation with outgoing USG president James Hale

Outgoing Undergraduate Student Government president James Hale speaks at Tuesday’s Dorothy Pijan Student Leadership Awards ceremony.

Jenna Millemaci, Senior News Reporter

April 26, 2013

James Hale wants to know about you. With the USG inauguration on April 30, the nostalgic senior, nearing the end of his term as the 2012-2013 USG president, is still asking, “If there is one thing that USG should be working on right now, what is it?” Here is what James Hale had to say about his exp...

A conversation with Angela Lowery

A conversation with Angela Lowery

Mike McKenna, Assistant News Editor

January 28, 2013

Angela Lowery is the student service coordinator at CWRU’s Center for Civic Engagement and Learning. She is very involved in two of CCEL’s major programs: CCEL Fellows and CCEL Scholars, two programs that aim to boost civic engagement across campus. Mike McKenna: Can you tell me about the CCE...

A conversation with…Liz Roccoforte

A conversation with...Liz Roccoforte

Greg Bokar, News Editor

December 7, 2012

Liz Roccoforte is the director of Case Western Reserve University’s LGBT Center, which is located in the west wing of the Thwing Student Center. Recently, Roccoforte led the National Coming Out celebration, which involved signing up more than 450 LGBT allies. The Observer had an opportunity to talk with...

A Conversation with…Ashley Clifford Johnson

A Conversation with...Ashley Clifford Johnson

Sam Lehnecker, Contributing Reporter

December 1, 2012

Ashley Clifford Johnson joined Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management this past fall as an advisor for management students. Her previous experience in student affairs at other universities brings a new outlook to Weatherhead Undergraduate Student Services with the start of ...

A conversation with…Gage Sarrett

A conversation with…Gage Sarrett

Noora Somersalo, Student Affairs Reporter

October 12, 2012

Gage Sarrett is a first-year theater and sociology major at Case Western Reserve University. Sarrett is the president of the newly-founded Competitive Speech Team (CST), which aims to enhance CWRU students’ public speaking skills, regardless of their major. The Observer had the opportunity to meet with...

A conversation with…Dean Michael Mason

A conversation with…Dean Michael Mason

Victoria Robinson, Student Affairs Reporter

October 5, 2012

After working at Kent State University and Ohio State University, Dean Michael Mason is now the Interim Dean for First Year Students in Undergraduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University. As interim dean, he works with students and faculty to make sure the first year experience goes smoothly for...

A conversation with…Chelsea Steen

A conversation with…Chelsea Steen

Noora Somersalo, Student Affairs Reporter

September 28, 2012

Chelsea Steen is a second-year business management and psychology major at Case Western Reserve University. The president and founder of the 300 Club and a member of the women’s basketball team, she promotes student participation in campus events as a means to improve school spirit and unify the CWR...

A conversation with…Patrick Vaughn

Noora Somersalo, Student Leadership Reporter

September 21, 2012

Patrick Vaughn is the vice president of student life in the Undergraduate Student Government. Having been involved in USG since his freshman year, this is his second year as an elected member in the organization. The Observer met with Vaughn to discuss his role in the Executive Committee and his expe...

A conversation with Tori Pinciotti

A conversation with Tori Pinciotti

Greg Bokar, News Editor

September 7, 2012

Tori Pinciotti is the resident leadership development consultant for the future chapter of Pi Beta Phi sorority at Case Western Reserve University. Pinciotti first came to campus at the beginning of the semester at the Greek Life Carnival to recruit women who are interested in joining the sorority as it ...

A conversation with…Victoria Granda

A conversation with...Victoria Granda

Greg Bokar, News Editor

April 27, 2012

Victoria Granda is a rising senior pursuing a degree in music history as part of the integrated masters’ degree study program. Beginning last year, Granda became the president of one of the three major political organizations on campus, the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL.) The Observer had the opp...

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