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Previewing Cleveland’s “FRONT International 2022” contemporary art exhibition

Lelia Durand, Staff Writer October 29, 2021

Cleveland is a hotspot for those interested in art, with the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and ARTneo, to name a few.  In 2016, FRONT Exhibition Company—a multi-venue...

After years of effort by students, CWRU finally commits to divesting from fossil fuels.

CWRU will completely divest its endowment from publicly traded fossil fuel companies over the next decade

Hoai Phuong Nguyen, News Editor April 9, 2021

In the past few decades, fossil fuels have become an increasingly pressing global issue. In the United States, in particular, fossil fuels have long been the point of political arguments about global warming...

RATP Bus 21 Passes in Front of Palais de Justice de Paris. The lack of trains from the strike has left Parisian busses crowded and running off schedule as the system grapples with the longest metro strike in french history.

Paris transit strike forces Professor Toman’s study-abroad course to adapt

Henry Bendon, Staff Reporter January 17, 2020

In 20 years of teaching courses in Paris, Ruth Mulhauser Professor and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Cheryl Toman never faced a transit strike like the one currently crippling...

CWRU students assemble to demand climate action

Yvonne Pan, A&E Editor January 17, 2020

Coinciding with Jane Fonda’s New York Times opinion piece “We Have to Live Like We’re in a Climate Emergency. Because We Are.,” published on Dec. 5, 2019, was the Sunrise Movement’s Dec. 6 climate...

CWRU students travel to Israel and Palestine over winter break

Anna Giubileo , Staff Reporter January 17, 2020

Over winter break, a delegation of students visited Israel to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directly from those who are most affected by it.  The program, Fact Finders, was hosted...

Greek Life struggles to reach a new generation of college students

Greek Life struggles to reach a new generation of college students

Veronica Madell , Staff Reporter January 17, 2020

On Saturday, Jan. 18, around three hundred Case Western Reserve University students will wait for the doors to each of CWRU’s sorority’s room to open so they can be ushered into Greek life. With 36...

A monk uses a chak-pur, a traditional metal funnel, to pour grains of sand needed to construct the mandala.

Tibetan monks come to CWRU

Surita Basu, Staff Reporter December 6, 2019

The Mystical Arts of Tibet tour featuring the Tibetan Buddhist monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery visited Case Western Reserve University from Monday, Nov. 18 through Friday, Nov. 22. The tour is designed...

Civil engineering students survey the University Farm to help Case Amateur Radio Club find the best place for antennae to catch and receive raddion transmissions.

Case Amateur Radio Club partners with Department of Civil Engineering to prepare for disaster

Chris Heermann, Photo Editor December 6, 2019

Every June, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) sponsors Field Day, a nationwide amateur radio event that simulates a disaster event where electronic communications are disabled. In this scenario, nearly...

LGBT Center works with graduate students to create a more inclusive CWRU

Halle Rose, Staff Reporter December 6, 2019

AmariYah Israel, assistant director of the LGBT Center at Case Western Reserve University, started her talk by handing out three things: a matching game, a packet of vocabulary words and a cartoon labeled...

New Thwing Study Over date creates mixed feelings on campus

Anna Giubileo, Staff Reporter December 6, 2019

Thwing Study Over (TSO) is the well-loved campus tradition with plenty of free food and giveaways, and contrary to the name, it involves no studying. Rather, it is the perfect destress event during finals,...

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