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Viruses and the science of smell

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2015

Junior Kavya Pai isn’t your typical neuroscientist. Her concern isn’t just with neurons; it’s with a mix of two unlikely candidates: viruses and smell. Over the summer, Pai studied the islands of Calleja (IC) in mice, an area in the brain which is typically involved with smell. What she found,...

Junior designs process to help automate cell imaging

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2015

Junior Dana Jeter always wondered why the little antenna that sticks out of a satellite dish is placed where it is. The answer is what got her interested in mathematics during a calculus class in high school. “It’s the basis for all science,” she said. “I didn’t know where I wanted to...

Student designs research program on obesity interventions in urban youth

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

February 5, 2015

The weekend is always a great time to relax, but few students spend theirs as Precious Amoako does: dancing. As the president of the African Students Association (ASA), she has the privilege of planning the organization’s annual Culture Show, featuring dancing and plays on Apr. 11. Currently, she spends...

A drug as a tool

A drug as a tool

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2015

A traveler of the world, Dr. Youwei Zhang studied pharmacology in China, then Japan and finally the United States. As a child, he grew up in the countryside and was ripe with curiosity. He remembers that exploring the world was one of his favorite pastimes. It taught him how to confront a new environment...

Colon cancer: Two different tumor worlds

Dr. Sanford Markowitz

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2015

In his youth, Dr. Sanford Markowitz loved science. In college, his majors were chemistry and physics, and it was the latter he thought he would continue to study. As an upperclassman, however, Markowitz decided that medicine called to him. Now, he exclusively focuses on colon cancer as a doctor and researcher. Markowitz...

Researcher finds that boys and girls react differently to witnessing intimate partner violence

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

January 16, 2015

Dr. Megan Holmes’ poise is confident and warm, like that of someone to approach for support. Her demeanor comes as no surprise. Holmes’ challenging work at a domestic violence shelter during graduate school helped her to foster this disposition. It was the children she met there, who had witnessed...

Researchers use spice to fight cancer

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

December 5, 2014

Dr. Afshin Dowlati, professor of medicine in hematology and oncology at the CWRU School of Medicine, recently published a paper with several collegeaus that showed circumin, an ingredient in the spice turmeric, killed cells of the cancer mesothelioma. He first found that hyperactivation of STAT3,...

Researcher uses a plant grown vaccine to help fight breast cancer

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2014

At fifteen, Dr. Nicole Steinmetz was at an international figure skating competition in Columbia, thousands of miles away from her home in Germany. So far out of her comfort zone, Steinmetz had to learn to be independent at an earlier age than most. She believes that this helped to give her the self-reliance...

How hand movements will get you through organic chemistry

John Brogan, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2014

Sometimes, a simple hand movement can say more than words. Case Western Reserve University cognitive science Professor Fey Parrill has devoted his research work to how gestures like facial expressions and hand movements enhance human communication. She specifically focuses on how people can use gesture...

Psychologist studies how pretend play helps coping and creativity

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s the building block for a successful childhood. Psychology Professor Sandra Russ has shown that pretend play boosts creativity and coping mechanisms among children. Russ is currently working on finding a way to get children to play in anxiety-inducing situations,...

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