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Ltte: Civil discourse must be civil

Tori Hamilton

April 7, 2017

To the editor, A few weeks ago we, as the Feminist Collective at CWRU, decided to clarify a common misconception on our campus that equates the struggles of marginalized groups to the social conflicts of being a conservative at Case Western Reserve University. Matthew Thompson wrote a letter in re...

Ltte: CWRU needs to provide more graduation tickets

George Hodulik

March 31, 2017

To the editor, As spring graduation approaches, I must express a deep frustration with Case Western Reserve University administration. To those who are not graduating this May, you may not be aware that undergraduates are allowed three guest tickets to the undergraduate diploma ceremony. Howev...

Ltte #2: The struggles of voicing conservative opinions at CWRU

Steve Kerby

March 31, 2017

To the editor, You’re going to have to trust me on this one; there are more than zero conservatives at Case Western Reserve University. I can’t provide anything more than anecdotal evidence for their existence. They might have good reason to be reluctant to stand up, and they do not owe it to any...

LttE: In response to the Feminist Collective to encourage civil discourse

Matthew Thompson

March 24, 2017

  To the editor, On February 24, The Observer published a letter from the Feminist Collective (FCC) that expressed how diverse political thought should be stifled on campus to protect the personhood of “marginalized” students. As a conservative, I’d like to offer a counterpoint to the...

Ltte: CWRU already embraces “ideological diversity”

Ltte: CWRU already embraces “ideological diversity”

Monica Windholtz

March 3, 2017

To the editor, I take issue with the way conservative ideologies were recently portrayed in two columns recently written by Paul Rutecki for The Observer. Case Western Reserve University does embrace ideological diversity, just not ideologies that actively call for the discrimination and oppression of ...

Ltte: Feminist Collective differentiates between identity, political opinion

Jessica Lam, Tori Hamilton, Nailah Mathews, and Nat Bick

February 24, 2017

To the editor, To the Case Western Reserve University Community: We, as members of the Feminist Collective at CWRU, have witnessed repeated instances of misconceptions about what tolerance should look like on our campus. We would like to clarify a few points in response to rhetoric from our peers concer...

LttE: Ann Jung speaks on COC impeachment

Ann Jung

February 17, 2017

Editor’s Note: The Observer attempted to reach Ann Jung on Jan. 16 at 5:45 p.m. and Jan. 17 at 5:32 a.m. via Facebook Messenger and on Jan. 18 around 9 p.m. via phone. The Observer could not verify the accuracy of statements here concerning the constitution and bylaws of the Class Office Collective, in...

Letter to the Editor: On the news story concerning the COC president’s impeachment

Austin Mak

January 27, 2017

  To Whom It May Concern, After reading The Observer's recent article about the impeachment of the 2019 Class Officer Collective president, I couldn't help but feel it was a bit unnecessary. While it was definitely interesting, I felt that such a potentially delicate topic for the girl in...

Open Letter: Let Civility Make America Great Again

Kylene Ye

January 27, 2017

Have you ever written posts like “If you supported this candidate, unfriend me from Facebook”? Or “How can someone even vote for this candidate? It’s completely unfathomable!”? If you haven’t, then I applaud your ability to avoid the disgusting pit hole of polarization that politics has bec...

Letters to the Editor: Phi Delt’s Offensive Costumes Return

Letters to the Editor: Phi Delt's Offensive Costumes Return

November 30, 2016

Greetings CWRU Community, I am writing to discuss a recent act of racial arrogance on our campus and the Case Western Reserve University administration's unwillingness to address it. As most of you know, last semester (April 2016) the Phi Delta Theta fraternity (Phi Delt) performed a skit where they dressed up,...

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