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Response to Trump on “locker room banter”

October 14, 2016

When I was about seven years old, my mother wanted her maiden name back. My father respected her and fully supported her choice. She was a coal-miner's daughter from Southern Ohio—Pleasant City—and feminism mattered to her. At 13, just to make being a teenager even more fun, I hyphenated my own l...

Letter to the editor: In response to Hannah Pomerantz’s letter

October 14, 2016

Dear Ms. Pomerantz, I was very interested in your open letter to President Barbara R. Snyder in response to the Case Western Reserve University  Radical Student Union’s screening of “The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States” on Sept. 21. I wa...

Letter to the editor: In response to last week’s editorial

October 14, 2016

As a member of Greek Life at Case Western Reserve University, I do believe our community is unique and wonderful. We are made up of individuals who uphold the academic honor which characterizes our university as a whole, who care deeply for the causes which we represent. However we are not so different...

Clarifications regarding “An Open Letter to President Snyder”

October 7, 2016

To the Editor: Two clarifications are in order regarding the recent screening by the Radical Student Union of the Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States, and the open letter to President Barbara Snyder by Hannah Pomerantz of Israel’s CWRU published on Sept. 30...

Letter to the Editor

Stephen Kerby

October 7, 2016

One of the prime motives of the Radical Student Union (RSU) here at Case Western Reserve University  is discussion, which is accomplished by bringing up perspectives seldom discussed in venerable institutions on a large scale. In that vein, RSU accomplished its goal; your response to RSU’s screen...

Letter to the editor

Amy Absher

September 30, 2016

To my students, My decision to leave Case Western Reserve University finalized late in July, which means I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to most of you. I am grateful to the editors of The Observer for publishing this letter and offering me the chance to thank all of you. Moving to Cleveland ...

Letter to the editor

Leslie Clark

September 23, 2016

Dear Editor, In the spirit of caring, along with student and staff safety in mind, I write this request to all students and staff who ride bikes along campus sidewalks. Please slow down. After several near misses over the past few weeks, I am asking folks to start using verbal signals when pas...

The university did not properly inform us of Adam Savage’s visit

Karthik Mohanarangan

May 7, 2016

The university informing no one of Adam Savage's presence is a colossal misstep, especially on the campus of a school that touts itself as an engineering school. Yes, there was a Daily article and information on the engineering school website, but from a practical standpoint, no one knew. Otherwise, we...

Gender Stereotypes Upheld by Greek Recruitment

Monica Hiller

April 22, 2016

Recruitment for fraternities and sororities at Case Western Reserve University have very different rules, practices and focuses. Sororities go through what is called “Formal Recruitment,” where women must sign up to participate in a four day “mutual selection” process. This entails a very de...

About the Tobacco Free Policy

Krishna Mahadevan

April 22, 2016

In response to an opinion piece in the April 15 issue of The Observer by Kate Rasberry on the proposed Tobacco-Free Policy. The author of the opinion piece on the tobacco-free policy begins with a misleading statement, which does not set a great tone for the rest of the column. She implicitly cla...

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