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The importance of student journalism

Beau Bilinovich, Development Editor September 30, 2022

As staff members of The Observer, we like to tout ourselves as the voice of the student body. We are the platform for students from all walks of life and backgrounds, allowing all to share their stories...

Complaining about complaining

Enya Eettickal, Staff Writer September 30, 2022

I’m sure we all have certain fables from our childhood that have stuck with us over the years. One of my favorites went like this: a painter presented a piece of his to a king and his court. But upon...

It’s not that deep, or is it?

Enya Eettickal, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

I love and hate the malleable way our generation uses language. We quickly create and pick up on new phrases and slang from ethnic or internet cultures. While there are several reasons why our use of language...

Known for the diversity of his characters, Rick Riordan did not disappoint with the new trio for his Percy Jackson TV series. From left to right: Annabeth Chase (Leah Jeffries), Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) and Grover Underwood (Aryan Simhadri)

Rejecting death of the author: Why “Percy Jackson” succeeds over “Harry Potter”

Sarah Karkoff, Contributing Writer September 23, 2022

In terms of commercial success, there is no comparison between the “Harry Potter” and “Percy Jackson” franchises. I easily concede that J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” franchise is a financial...

It’s time to end your “villain arc”

Enya Eettickal, Staff Writer September 16, 2022

There is no one who can catch my attention faster than a good villain. Whether it's the Joker, Darth Vader, Shigaraki or Pain, I find myself periodically rooting for these villains, even when the chaos...

We’re not ready to trust CWRU on climate action

Avi Horwitz, Staff Writer September 9, 2022

Last year, as part of a joint Student Sustainability Council (SSC) and Sunrise CWRU Campaign, I helped write an Undergraduate Student Government Resolution addressing necessary updates to Case Western...

A broken healthcare system

Latvya Chintada, Staff Writer September 9, 2022

The United States, for all it has to offer as a top industrialized country and a global superpower, cannot provide quality healthcare to a majority of its residents. The U.S. healthcare system suffers...

Listen to music from around the globe

Aambar Agarwal, Social Media Manager September 9, 2022

Just over a month ago, on a sunny summer day, I was bewitched by Stromae. His song “Alors on danse” thrummed through the air from a friend’s phone, stealing my attention with its distinct, unforgettable...

The horrifying legacy of Andrew Tate

Sophia Popkin, Social Media Editor September 2, 2022

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, sexual abuse Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Andrew Tate. A former professional kickboxer turned influencer, Tate is...

Navigating the balance between self and success

Enya Eettickal, Staff Writer September 2, 2022

With the school year beginning this week, new chapters in many of our lives are also beginning, and with new chapters come new choices. As a fourth-year, decisions concerning my post-graduation plans are...

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