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Macias: Lost at sea with immediate assistance available…in 6-8 hours

Macias: Lost at sea with immediate assistance available…in 6-8 hours

Hannah Macias, Contributing Columnist

April 16, 2020

I have been looking forward to going abroad since I was in high school; although, I didn’t think the majority of that time would be spent sitting at home, barely allowed to go outside. I began my spring semester in the Netherlands, attending Maastricht University’s Psychology and Neuroscience pro...

Hatcher: America’s biggest viral challenger—Coronavirus or Trump?

Tobili Hatcher, Staff Columnist

April 16, 2020

Every day in quarantine starts out the same. I wake up around 7:30 a.m. and lay in bed to contemplate what tasks may or may not get done that day. I reach over to my desk, grab my phone and open up Apple News and Twitter to see what mess the United States has gotten itself into. The usual pops up on my 5...

Cuenca and Pinal-Alfaro: Opt-in is a cop-out

Yoshmar Pinal-Alfaro and Jasmine Cuenca

April 14, 2020

My three siblings and I study around our kitchen table, failing to block out our parents' whispers from the adjacent room about paying bills. My mother works long shifts at the grocery store to make up for the lost income after my father was furloughed last month. The fear of either of them contracting...

LTTE: Universal Pass/No Credit is not inclusive

Anthony Biscardo, Hersh Bhatt, and Steven O’Neill

April 14, 2020

The fact that Universal Pass/No Credit attempts to address off-campus disparity is a noble idea. However, such a policy does not account for the diversity in opinion of the greater student body and is, therefore, intrinsically exclusive. By comparison, an Opt-In Pass/No Pass policy empowers students w...

Bendon: Opt-in is only fair

Henry Bendon, Staff Columnist

April 14, 2020

Over the last few days, the heated debate between an optional Pass/No Pass grading system and a Universal Pass/No Credit one has raged through our university’s online community. Proponents of the Universal side say that it’s the only fair choice, and that without stripping everyone of whatever grades the...

Martz: What’s in a meme?

Paulina Martz, Staff Columnist

April 13, 2020

They say that the internet is forever, but a recent New York Times article threw that saying into further relief by exploring the web archive at the Library of Congress. Archivists confessed that the project began “out of a desire to collect and preserve … materials from the web, especially US gov...

Zhu: Democrats must stand united, now more than ever

Caroline Zhu, Staff Columnist

April 13, 2020

After Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, Nov. 8, Joe Biden has become the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for this year’s presidential election. This decision comes amidst the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, which makes it both a responsible decision and one th...

Kuntzman: The death of democracy

Caroline Kuntzman, Staff Columnist

April 13, 2020

The forced closure of schools, businesses and offices all across the country is significantly affecting the daily lives of most Americans. Over three-fourths of U.S. states have issued stay-at-home orders, impacting how many Americans work, attend school and go about their lives, in general. Given the hi...

Kinstler: The mirrors and hammers of theatre, and of life

Ethan Kinstler, Staff Columnist

April 13, 2020

You’ve just been cast in a play and you get your script. Great, but what should you do with it? An actor's job is to portray a specific message given by directors, designers and, of course, the playwright. An actor then must discover how their character fits into that message; what is the reason the...

McGinnis: Will the COVID-19 Stimulus Package be Enough?

Emerson McGinnis, Staff Columnist

April 13, 2020

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the largest stimulus package ever passed in the U.S. The package will cost up to $2 trillion, with provisions accounting for five main sectors of the economy, but many say it still won’t be enough. Broken down, 30 percent of the package will ...

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