CWRU welcomes Delta Chi

Sage Schaff, Staff Reporter

Although fall semester’s rush period has concluded, students can still meet with representatives from Delta Chi fraternity. Delta Chi just attained colony status this semester and began making their pitch this past Sunday, Sept. 12. It can become an active member of the Interfraternity Congress next fall, but for now its information sessions will be conducted separately from the rush period so the hype of a new fraternity doesn’t interfere with events run by CWRU’s existing chapters.

So what makes this a good time to add a new chapter? Wesley Schaub, Director of Greek Life, says Delta Chi represents “a great opportunity for students not already involved to create their own niche” within the Greek Life community. He also stated that it’s beneficial to keep adding new chapters every once in a while to “spark new interest in all of Greek Life,” especially for incoming students not yet familiar with the culture.

Delta Chi was founded in 1890 at Cornell University as a fraternity for law students. However, in 1922 it expanded to include students in all fields of study. Like many chapters here at CWRU, one of its main missions is to promote respect and tolerance of all people. In 1929, it cemented this ideal by becoming the first fraternity to officially abolish the hazing practices associated with ‘hell week’. Delta Chi’s arrival at CWRU is part of its recent expansion into the state of Ohio. Four of its other six Ohio chapters have been founded in the past twenty years, including present colonies at Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Schaub said that a strong alumni connection is one of the Office of Greek Life’s most important points of consideration in granting colony status. Delta Chi boasts a Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter with over 700 former members in the area. A thriving local alumni base is essential because current fraternity members often rely on their chapter’s extensive alumni networks for help with job placement upon graduation.

Representatives from Delta Chi’s national headquarters will be fully integrated into the spring 2011 rush period. Even though it will still be considered a colony throughout this academic year, it can become an active chapter in the IFC next fall if it meets certain requirements. Schaub explained that to become a chapter, a colony must have “a GPA at or above the All Fraternity and All Men’s average, a chapter size at or above the average chapter size, and a functioning alumni board.”

If Delta Chi adheres to the colony requirements and becomes active, it can construct a house as long as it is financially stable and in good standing with the university. Thus it is too early to know any details, such as location, about Delta Chi’s house. Nothing is guaranteed at the moment, as there is a long road ahead to becoming a permanent fixture at CWRU. For now, its main goal will be to form a determined initial membership that meets CWRU’s expectations for attaining chapter status with the IFC.