Editorial: Semester Grades

Human vs. Zombies: B for braaaaaains. Five semesters in, HvZ boasts more players and more popularity than ever before; this fall, the player count topped 300 students and faculty. HvZ has been such a success that we’re sure it won’t be long until the university tries to co-opt the game and place it in Little Blue Books as the latest university tradition. Like it or not, HvZ is here to stay – much to the chagrin of tour guides everywhere.

LGBT Center: A for available. Even a little bit of asbestos couldn’t stop the LGBT Center from opening its doors this semester. The center has transformed what was once a dimly lit, underutilized study space into a warm, welcoming center for students of any gender or sexual identity to gather in. The center’s interim director, Liz Roccoforte, and her staff as well as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, have all been proactive with their programming and outreach efforts, much to the benefit of all CWRU students, regardless of gender or background.

Campus sustainability: W for wind. Although students are still trying to get used to the wind turbine that now dominates the southern skyline, they can be proud of the new turbine – one of only a few of its kind in Northeast Ohio and a culminating symbol of the university’s dedication to sustainability. From the implementation of new solar-powered garbage and recycling bins to the Sustainability Institute, those in the community fighting for a more sustainable lifestyle at the university can point to the new turbine as a symbol of sustainability for the entire region to see.

Campus security: F for frightening. While the university took immediate action following the accidents around the Adelbert – Euclid intersection, the string of bank robberies and violent robberies and assaults inside the North Residential Village and at the corner of East 115th and Wade Park is frightening for all CWRU community members. Although Case security and the surrounding police departments say they’ve increased foot patrol by both uniformed officers and plainclothes officers, these increases have been entirely reactionary in nature. Campus security needs to be more proactive in their efforts to keep students safe by targeting the areas where crime seems unlikely to happen such as the residential villages and the quads. It’s not fair that students should be attacked outside of their own residential buildings and we hope in the future not to receive any more security alerts detailing these bold kinds of attacks.

Case athletics: A for aspiration. Even though the football team wasn’t destined to go undefeated for a fourth year, the Spartans still played more than admirably and senior wide receiver Zach Homyk was even named as a finalist for the Gagliardi Trophy. In addition to the football team’s success, the volleyball team competed in its first-ever NCAA tournament, the women’s cross-country team came in third at NCAA regionals and the men’s cross-country team came in seventh. With a varsity program stronger than ever before, this semester was a great time to be a Spartan.