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Five Super Bowl prop bets for those of you with nothing to win

Whether you’re a New York Jets fan or just someone looking to make the game more interesting, we’ve got the five best prop bets to keep you on edge of your seat.

The first three lines are from Bovada, the second two from Las Vegas Hilton:


Will Kelly Clarkson’s bare belly be showing when she sings the national anthem?
Yes: +300

This is an interesting bet, mainly because it asks the question, why is Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem? Was Nickelback not available? In previous anthems she’s gone both ways, and the game is indoors, which will allow for climate control and greater wardrobe freedom. The real problem with this bet is that if you take it, you’re going to have to force yourself to watch the national anthem – and after last year, are you really sure that’s something you want to do?


How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on television during the game?
Over 3.5: -110
Under 3.5: -110

I just watched the Super Bowl XLII, and in the last five minutes of game time they cut to Peyton three times. Assuming they’ll show Peyton at least once before the last five minutes, that’s a bet I would pounce on.


What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?
Yellow: +175
Orange: +225
Clear/water: +300
Red: +550
Green: +600
Blue: +1000

Yellow has always been the go-to Gatorade for any team I’ve been on, and orange is pretty popular. The real question is, why are red and green ranked above blue?  Who drinks green Gatorade?  Am I the only one who thinks blue tastes the best?  Five years ago, the Giants doused Coughlin with water, and that’s where the smart money’s going.  Well, there and blue, but I’m not holding my breath.


Will Zoltan Mesko punt a touchback?
Yes: +210
No: -250

The kicker with this is that Mesko has just 10 touchbacks on 123 attempts in 35 career games.  That’s one in every 12 punts.  The Patriots are bold on offense, but you figure they’ll have to punt about six times, which puts the chance of a touchback at about 50 percent.  Those odds have it at about 33 percent.


Which will have more:
Wales+Ireland Points in RBS 6 Nations Rugby Match  +0.5 : +110
Distance of first made field goal of SB XLVI -0.5: -110

I know nothing about rugby, but I’ve heard how much people hate on soccer because no one scores, and I don’t hear those things about rugby.  The fact that it’s the first made field goal, not the longest, means a great deal.  I put the field goal at 40 yards, and my rugby knowledge tells me that Ireland and Wales played on Oct. 2, 2011 and scored 32 total points.  The +0.5 points suggests it’ll be the lower score; I’d pull for the field goal.  I spent way too much time trying to justify that decision.

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