Grog Shop Pops

Anne Nickoloff, Music Reporter

Tonight, the Grog Shop will welcome students back from their winter break with a varied lineup to please almost any ear.

Just around the corner of Coventry’s hip haven, the small concert venue will be bursting with new music from five very different bands: Avenue; Newshoes; Captain Kidd; The Orphan, The Poet; and the headliner, Envoi.

Envoi drummer Joe Czekaj knows the show can be a much-appreciated break for Cleveland college students. “After the first week of classes, we understand that the pressure from school-related things can be overwhelming. We can offer them a relaxing, enjoyable Friday night and a humbling atmosphere.”

Envoi loosely mixes alternative and punk rock to create an upbeat sound that sets them apart from many modern rock bands. Quickly gaining popularity in the Cleveland scene, their fun shows are known for energy and diversity.

Having performed with Envoi in the past, band members of The Orphan, The Poet are excited to share the stage with them again. “The show should be a lot of fun. The last time we played Cleveland was on the Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour a couple months back, so it will be nice to see our Cleveland fans again,” said singer/guitarist David Eselgroth.

With slamming guitar notes and rugged vocals, The Orphan, The Poet’s songs are undoubtedly rock with flares of progressive, pop, and indie. The band has a lot of experience playing at various national venues “from the House of Blues in West Hollywood to some seedy college-town biker bar,” according to Eselgroth. “We don’t discriminate.”

The other three bands provide even more musical diversity to the Grog Shop’s eclectic show. “They are all masters of their craft for sure,” said Czekaj.

Newshoes is more relaxed than Envoi and The Orphan, The Poet, but does not slow down the lineup of the night. Their indie-influenced tone is steady, not jarring, and their swung beats keep the tempo up, while not chasing it away.

Captain Kidd’s beachy alternative rock, reminiscent of bands like The Pixies and The Strokes, has smoothly entered the Cleveland scene in just a few months. Attacking this dreamy atmosphere is Avenue, another local band that specializes in grungier acoustic pop punk.

Like many shows put on by the Grog Shop, this one will provide a variety of flavors in the night’s musical feast. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the concert begins roughly at 5:30 p.m. At a cost of 10 dollars, it is something almost anyone interested can afford.

The show will certainly be worth the 10 bucks, and even the bands are excited to perform.

Czekaj puts it best when he reflects on his time working with Envoi. “We can only continue to work hard, keep moving forward and make the right moves to get us to where we need to be. At the end of the day, we are all best friends and have a great passion for music and all that encompasses it. We encourage everyone to come with us on this adventure.”