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Joining the One Direction bandwagon

One Direction is a craze. Throngs of 14-year-old girls throw themselves at five wonderfully attractive boys. Even though the odds are insane, every teenage girl believes she has a chance with one of them, that she and Zayn/Niall/Louie/Liam/Harry are destined to fall in love.

Last year, I hated One Direction, they were annoying and their fans even worse. Yes, they were attractive, but there wasn’t much to their songs. And how could I ever like something thousands of pubescent, screaming, brace-faced girls liked? Quite frankly, the hysteria was a turn off.

Then I saw the “Little Things” music video and everything changed. I fell in love and finally understood the insanity. As I continued to watch the music video on repeat, basically every night before I go to bed, it is clear that Simon Cowell is a genius.

Cowell knows the formula for success and has found the perfect pieces to complete the puzzle. Each boy is gorgeous and has their own distinct personality, and they can sing pretty well. The combination of them, their songs, and music videos is alluring to any teenage girl.

I highly recommend for every girl to watch the “Little Things” music video, it will undoubtedly make your heart melt. It gives me shivers just to think about. I sound like a lunatic pre-teen, but the video, with One Direction casually singing in a recording studio, is so raw and emotional, that it seems real. It feels like I am in the studio with them, not like they have been spent a full day filming doing take after take.

With the first few chords, a smile takes over my face. I feel giddy and it’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but so true. Then Zayn, my favorite, begins to sing: “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me/ but bear this in mind: it was meant to be.” Zayn and I will probably never be within one mile of each other, but I know that my hand fits perfectly within his.

As the song continues, I fall even more under their spell. They are so beautiful and the lyrics are just what I want to hear. And the eye contact, that’s what makes my heart melt. It’s like they are looking through the camera, singing only to me. Their eyes pierce my soul, filling me with a love that I know they cannot fulfill, but that I so dearly want to be real.

The team behind the music video is so cunning, as they have stripped away the famous façade of each boy. No longer is it Zayn, rich and famous, with his own fan club singing to the world, but the true Zayn, with all his faults and vulnerabilities serenading me and me alone.

The lyrics of “Little Things” and every other One Direction song are so generic and simple that it is really rather lame. However, they apply to every girl, and therein lies the genius. Every girl wants someone to confess their love to them in such an effortlessly eloquent way. Imagine your crush gazing deep into your eyes, saying they love you and every part of you, even the parts you hate, unconditionally.

All teenagers feel alone and misunderstood, which is why One Direction and other boy bands are so successful, because no one understands me except for 1D. They know, or rather Simon Cowell knows, what every teenage girl wants to hear.

One Direction sings the most generic love songs and “Little Things” may be the most generic of them all. The song isn’t about anyone and yet it’s about everyone. There is no muse behind the song except me and every other girl who just wants to be loved. And that’s what makes One Direction so beautiful.

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