Jolly delivered: campus dining fixture to launch delivery service


The staff of the Jolly Scholar will soon be delivering food to university residence halls in addition to restaurant tabes.

Joseph Digby, Staff Reporter

Every year, Case Western Reserve University fills its dining halls with thousands of undergraduates, many of whom have only one option: signing up for the meal plan. As the semester marches on, however, many students begin to desire greater variety in dining options.

At that point, they begin to seek out other sources of sustenance for their rumbling stomachs and sleep-deprived craniums. The Jolly Scholar is one of the restaurants on campus that is in most students’ price range (and accepts CaseCash).

Frequented by undergraduates, graduates, and faculty alike, the establishment serves a wide variety of food and beverages. It has sit-down options, take-out, and a full bar for those who have made it to 21 years of age. Its regular events, such as Tuesday Trivia, Wing Days, Grad Happy Hour, and Jolly Late Night are favorites of campus residents. The Jolly Scholar is a well-established fixture of campus life at CWRU.

The Scholar is always putting on different events and specials for its customers, and it sparked considerable excitement when it announced via its Facebook page that it will soon be running a delivery service for students. A complaint often voiced by students is that the Scholar is a long walk compared to Denny’s or the dining halls. If the Scholar was closer, it might attract more clientele. More details about this new service will be published in next week’s edition of The Observer.