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KSL implements new identification requirements

After library administrators came to the conclusion that they wanted to beef up security at Kelvin Smith Library, a new plan has been implemented for those entering the library that will emphasize the new security needs.

The new policy, which goes into effect Monday, Nov. 26, after Thanksgiving break, will require everyone who enters the library to provide photographic identification at all hours of operation. According to Hannah Levy, marketing and communications officer for KSL, “This new policy is simply a way to increase safety and security for all our users.”

KSL officials have also noted that the new security measures are preventative and are not a result of any specific event. Nevertheless, recent campus reports have noted that vandalism did occur earlier this month in the library elevators and may have been a contributing factor to the new policy.

Undergraduate Sophia Chan responded to the new regulation by saying, “I question whether the new policy will be helpful with security, because there are always so many people in KSL.”

“Nevertheless, I think it is good that KSL is trying to make sure that the resources of the library are geared towards people from CWRU and those with legitimate reasons to be there,” she continued.

Those who do not have a valid CWRU ID will still be able to get into the library and use its resources. They will be required to go to the welcome desk and present valid government ID and sign in.

According to Hannah Levy, “After seeking input from current students, we feel that the campus should be comfortable with this policy, as similar policies have long been in place in other buildings, such as Veale.” Other buildings on campus, including the Peter B. Lewis Building and Nord Hall, require IDs for access after a certain time.

“We will make an effort to be flexible as users become familiar with our new policy. Checking in with an alternative form of valid photo ID may be acceptable as the policy gets underway,” Levy said.

Similar policies are in place at many private universities in major cities across the country. The general belief is that students will respond well to this system because it has been successful at other places.

After 6 p.m., the main doors of KSL will lock and CWRU students and staff will need to use their Case ID to swipe in. Anyone not affiliated with CWRU will need to press the intercom button and then present ID at the welcome desk to be let in.

Library staff will remain at the desk during normal business hours, until campus security checks IDs from midnight to 8 a.m.

The new policy applies only to KSL and does not impact the other campus libraries. Each library is responsible for putting its own security measures in place, and the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library and the Health Sciences Library already require ID cards for access at certain times.

KSL personnel say that security services, human resources, and student groups were consulted before the policy was finalized. Students and faculty are encouraged to contact KSL if they have any questions.

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