Letter to the Editor: Commutes Students Association offers home to all CWRU students

As expected, the moving in period for Case Western Reserve University students has been hectic and various campus-run organizations have already begun pestering them to become more involved in campus activities. While most of these clubs are well run and worth students’ attention, it is understandable that students don’t feel compelled to immediately sign up. Students’ time is limited, and they should only participate alongside organizations that provide the most benefit. This is a wise decision, as campus life tends to get very busy, very fast.

As a junior here at CWRU, I would earnestly encourage students to participate in activities organized by the Commuter Student Association. Though this sounds like a recruiting pitch, it is not – in fact, all incoming students to CWRU are automatically enrolled as members. This effectively makes the CSA (or Commuter Club, as some prefer to call it) the largest student-run organization on campus. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a recruitment process, many campus residents fail to take advantage of the free services and facilities that are offered.

The basement of the newly renovated Thwing West contains the area known as the Rock Bottom Commuter Lounge. Despite the name, all campus residents and commuters are welcome. The lounge is split into multiple areas: a kitchenette with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate provided at no charge, a joint video gaming and dining area, an area reserved for pool and ping-pong tournaments as well as a music station, a multipurpose room used for card games, board games, and studying, and a separate quiet lounge and computer lab with free Thwing Center printing. Positioned in the center of campus alongside Kelvin Smith Library, the lounge is the perfect place to get refreshments, study, and relax in between classes.

In addition to the lounge’s open facilities, the CSA is responsible for sponsoring large, campus-wide events such as semi-annual picnics (where free burgers, pizza, tacos, etc. are provided free of charge) and the annual CWRU Video Game Tournament. Other events, receptions, and parties are also conducted throughout the semester. Best of all, none of the events are kitschy like those structured by other organizations. All events are planned and approved by students to make each experience as enjoyable as possible.

I write this in the hope that students take some time out of their busy schedules to come down to the Rock Bottom Commuter Lounge in Thwing just to see what it is like. The CSA is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets on campus; going down for a quick visit was one of the best decisions I have made for improving my daily campus life.

Steven Schoenwald, undergraduate student