Letter to the Editor: Noise from Village loudspeakers makes studying difficult for Village residents

To the editor:


I am writing to express the sum of my frustration with what was originally a minor nuisance over the past two and a half semesters: noise from the Village Field. The continual blaring of loud music over the speakers has become infuriating. After many evenings spent fantasizing about breaking into whatever room contains the music played and replacing the rap, hip-hop, and generic filth with Chopin, I decided it was time to write to The Observer.


I have always thought Case Western Reserve University to be the type of institution in which academics comes before athletics. This is part of why I came here, and I suspect it is a large part of why CWRU is among the best undergraduate institutions in the country. In an attempt to preserve this, the university should value the ability of students to study in their own rooms (for which they pay in excess of $1000 per month) over our athletes’ “pumped-ness.” Even if the school insists that our own athletic scholars must listen to loud and vile music in order to get those hormones flowing which are conducive to gaining Olympian victories, this service surely does not need to be provided for non-CWRU athletic events.


A plea to our administration: Dona nobis pacem.


Kevin Brent

Undergraduate Student