Letter to the Editor: Queue project doesn’t eliminate ultimate Euclid-Adelbert problem

To the editor:

Although making a “queue” area will help with the extreme congestion, this will ultimately not solve the central problem. The central problem is that the vast majority of those crossing the intersection of Euclid and Adelbert have to cross both streets. If the administration truly wanted to fix this problem they would talk to the city of Cleveland and see if there could be a crosswalk constructed directly across Euclid to the Binary walkway as there was when I was a freshman. The current crosswalk across Euclid could be eliminated if necessary and the small amount of people who wanted to cross to the other side of Adelbert could, but the main group of students trying to get to the Quad would only have to cross once. I’m not sure who decided it would be a good idea to remove a crosswalk along the most traveled route on this campus, but I hope they’re no longer designing intersections. In the end, this queue project is an inefficient waste of our tuition money and is merely a small, partial fix to the real problem.

Mathew Conger

Undergraduate Student