Letters to the Editor

Regarding your story about KSL and its funding, I have one simple question: Where would the money come from to fund the library? I sincerely hope that the increased funding does not come from tuition. Without increasing costs on the student body, can the university find a way to fund the library? Most likely, this would require cuts from other parts of the university. I would love to see opinions by the writers at The Observer saying which departments they would accept cuts in.

Many students, including myself and several of my friends, worry about the increasing cost of attendance, year after year. Some of us would rather have the university focus more on cost control than expanding or offering new services. Therefore, personally, I accept low funding for the library if that means holding down costs of attendance for students.

Andrew Simeroth
Undergraduate Student


In response to the editorial regarding sophomores living in Village housing, I would like to pose a simple question. Why would the underclassmen only be allowed to live in a single house but this single house is connected to three other houses within the Village? If housing wants to keep a separation between underclassmen and upperclassmen and how many resources they have available, it does not make sense to put the underclassmen in a house that gives them access to half of the Village complex. It would be a better idea to put the underclassmen in House 5. This way they are restricted to a single section of the Village and swipe access can be denied for them to get into any other part of the Village. This would allow upperclassmen to still have special access to all parts of the Village and would also keep out immaturities of the younger undergraduate population.

Janis Cava
Undergraduate Student