No. 7 CWRU softball sweeps UAA Opening Weekend vs NYU

No. 7 CWRU softball sweeps UAA Opening Weekend vs NYU

This past weekend, Case Western Reserve University’s softball team started their UAA playoff strong against New York University, increasing their win streak to 11. In the four-game series played from March 29-31, the No. 7 Spartan team improved to 19-2 overall and 4-0 for the conference.

March 29, 2 p.m. (10-4 Game) 

The Spartans’ first game against the Violets seemed to set the stage for their first UAA series and reflected their outstanding season so far. Despite NYU’s early scoring in the second inning, the Spartans quickly responded in the bottom of second, tying the score 2-2 with first-year Alaina Steffes and second-year Elizabeth Berry scoring on unearned runs. After a couple more innings tying the two teams at 4-4 at the end of the top of the fifth inning, fourth-year KaiLi Gross notched a solo home run to break the deadlock and record her 17th career home run. The Spartans pulled ahead further in the fifth inning after third-year Isabella Russo hit a single with bases loaded and first-year Kaelyn Zusi added a bases loaded walk. The Spartans ended the game by scoring three more additional runs in the bottom of the sixth, ending the game 10-4.

March 29, 4 p.m. (11-1 Game) 

After a successful first game, the Spartans went into the second game with an offensive surge. They scored 7 runs in the first three innings, allowing them to take a 7-1 lead. The Spartans were the first on the scoreboard with a 2-run home run from fourth-year Stevie Rieger, who recorded her seventh round-tripper of her career.

NYU responded with their sole run of the game in the following inning but found themselves unable to catch up. The Spartans had quickly increased their lead with first-year Nylah Durham hitting a double and fourth-year Kela Jagoda reaching first base on fielder’s choice to shortstop, allowing for Steffes and fourth-year Jordon Manworren to score. First-year Karen Potts also contributed with a single run, bringing the Spartans’ score to 5-1 at the end of the second inning. NYU went scoreless for the top of the third inning, helping the Spartans to further increase their lead. They added 2 more runs to the scoreboard from run-scoring singles by Russo and Manworren. During the fifth inning, the Spartans’ offensive continued as Steffes scored on Jagoda’s single and Potts notched her first career home run, giving the team 3 runs to conclude the game as CWRU’s lead was enough to end the game by run rule.

March 30, 4 p.m. (6-5 Game) 

This game was by far the most nerve-racking one for the Spartans. After the Violets tied the score 3-3 in the third inning due to two Spartan miscues, the next two innings went on to be scoreless. During the top of the sixth inning, the Violets scored 2 points after a home run, increasing the stakes for the Spartans while they went into the bottom of the sixth inning as they fell behind 3-5.

However, the Spartans weren’t disheartened and quickly made a spectacular comeback. With two outs and the bases loaded, the stands watched on with anticipation. After Gross’ hit and a fielding error, the Spartans were able to score with 3 unearned runs from Potts, Jagoda and Durham, resulting in loud cheering from the stands. The game concluded as the Violets went without scoring in the top of the seventh, solidifying the Spartans’ third win against NYU.

With all the excitement in the bottom of the sixth, the key players commented on their narrow victory.

“I was standing in left field when the home run was hit so then we’re down. It was a little nerve-racking knowing that we just had to get some hits and score some runs in order to win that game. But I’m very glad that we pulled through, and it was a good one for us as a team, another comeback win,” Rieger said.

Potts also mentioned her confidence in the team: “I was pretty nervous, but I knew our team has incredible hitters. So I knew that we definitely had the capabilities to come back and win, and we’ve done it before. So I was confident in our ability to do so. It was just awesome to see it happen.”

March 31, 11 a.m. (14-2 Game) 

In the concluding game of CWRU’s four-game series against NYU, the Spartans started off strong with fourth-year pitcher Jenna Jaklich inducing a flyout while NYU had the bases loaded and Potts recording her second home run of the season, bringing CWRU to an early lead of 2-0.

Despite the Violets responding in the next inning and tying the score 2-2, the Spartans took back the lead by scoring 5 points in the third inning with Reiger contributing 2 runs with a one-out single and scoring herself on a single by Berry. She crossed the home plate after a double from Steffes and Russo’s flyout to center field gave the fifth run of the inning.

In the fourth and final inning for the Spartans’ offense, they recorded 7 more runs with a perfect conclusion as second-year Devanghi Misra pitched a strikeout, bringing CWRU to end the game with a season high of 14 runs.


The No. 7-ranked Spartans will continue their second UAA series against Emory University this weekend at Mather Park with one game on Friday April 5, two on Saturday April 6 and one on Sunday April 7.


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