Observer Playlist of the Week: 3/22

Beyonce – “Bow Down / I Been On”
OH DAMN A NEW BEYONCE SONG. It’s basically a victory lap. Beyonce repeats “Bow down, bitches” a couple times and transitions to chopped and screwed vocal samples the rest of the way. Apparently Hit-Boy produced the first half, and Timbaland, the second half. And The-Dream and Polow da Don were also involved somehow. That’s like, the heaviest weight A-Team ever, for a song she barely sings on.

Rustie – “Triadzz”
Rustie makes music that’s somewhere between trap, club bangers, and the most over-the-top electronica you’ve ever heard. “Triadzz” hits all three of these, and is consequently awesome.

James Blake – “Voyeur”
“Voyeur” is the most recent single from James Blake’s upcoming album Overgrown, and Overgrown is the follow up to James Blake’s truly excellent 2011 debut. Overgrown is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Vampire Weekend – “Step”
“Step” is one of a pair of singles released in anticipation of Vampire Weekend’s upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City, due out May 6. “Step” is fantastic and bodes well for the album (if Vampire Weekend’s first two albums weren’t reason enough to be excited).

Kendrick Lamar ft Jay-Z – “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)”
Let’s round out this week’s playlist with another victory lap – this time featuring the other half of Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Lamar’s Good Kid, Mad City was universally lauded as a masterpiece debut, and this remix finds Kendrick and Jay uniting for some A+ braggadocio. K.Dot out-raps Hov, but does it really matter? It’s a sick remix.