On The Beat

CWRU Police

Case Western Reserve University Police Department would like to welcome everyone back from Spring Break. We hope everyone got to recharge, relax, and hopefully no one got left behind in a Mexican jail. Now it’s back to business.

The good news is that there are only six weeks of class left, and this is the time of year when Cleveland’s cold rains change into Cleveland’s warm rains. The bad news is that this is a time of year when CWRU PD typically sees a rise in incidents of all types: spring fever is probably as good a term as any to describe it. So here are some tips to help us all get across the finish line safely.
Better weather means we all start to crawl out of our winter mole holes, which is a good thing. But bad guys tend to do the same. After getting the cobwebs off your bicycle make sure you get the cobwebs off your U-lock as well, and use it. Bicycle theft numbers historically rise in April.

Changing seasons mean more daylight and more people out and about, also a good thing. It doesn’t mean that anything has changed when it comes to moving around the area late at night. Sticking to well-lit and well-travelled routes, going with friends or using services like Safe Ride and shuttle buses to move around are still good ideas.

One constant through all seasons here is that our biggest problem is the theft of unattended valuables, especially electronics. So don’t leave your stuff unattended- a potential thief will not know or care that your blood, sweat, and tears for the last eight months is stored in that unattended laptop sitting on a table.

Alcohol incidents also typically tend to spike in April. The end of the year can be a time for celebration, but if you are starting to lose control of basic bodily functions, it’s probably time to stop. Enough said.

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