On the Beat

The first day of fall was last Saturday. Fall can be a beautiful season in Cleveland. The leaves start to change, the air starts to get a little cooler at night, the geese start to fly overhead, and the Case Western Reserve Univeristy Police Department starts having to take students to the emergency room for alcohol intoxication. Not quite as romantic as the other rites of autumn, but a fact nonetheless. Here are a few notes about drinking…

The legal age to consume or purchase alcohol in the state of Ohio is 21. Driving with a blood alcohol level over .08 is illegal and will result in your arrest.

If you do drink alcohol, the expression “everything in moderation” is a good rule to live by. If you are starting to lose control of your bodily functions or cannot speak your first language effectively anymore, those are probably good indicators it is time to stop. Know your limitations and respect them. This alone can keep you from falling into the “had to go to the hospital” statistical group.

Be aware of how alcohol alters your behavior. Alcohol can make you feel good, but it can also lower your defenses and awareness and make you more vulnerable to crimes such as robbery or sexual assault. To quote a country music title, it can also make you feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof, when in fact you are neither. This syndrome can lead to unpleasant consequences like waking up in a holding cell or nursing a broken hand that you were sure would go right through that wall.

If you see someone who is in need of help due to alcohol intoxication, get them that help. The consequences of doing something will always be less than the consequences of doing nothing. Several students die every year at American universities due to alcohol related intoxication or injury. Let’s not let that happen here.


CWRU Police Blotter 9/17/12 to 9/24/12

Sept. 17 – Felony theft, portable radio stolen, Sears Building

Sept. 19 – Felony theft, unattended jacket & wallet stolen, Gund Law School

Sept. 22 – Petty theft, unattended cell phone stolen, Kelvin Smith Library