On the Beat

Fall can be a great time of year. It is the season of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and the chance to dress up like your favorite monster at the end of the month. It can also be a depressing season of cold winds, icy puddles, and decreasing sunlight to the point that you forget that the sky can be any other color than battleship gray.

Depression is something that we all deal with from time to time, whether it is triggered by serious events such as relationship or health issues, or just the realization that you have once again not won the lottery and had better show up for work today.

Depression is an especially important issue on college campuses, where a host of issues ranging from relationships to academic pressure to substance abuse, often in an environment removed from the support structures offered by hometowns and families, can come crashing down on people.

We are fortunate here at Case Western Reserve University in that there are a variety of options available to fight off stress and depression ranging from taking a Zumba class to speaking with a professional counselor. The most important thing quite often is not to try and go it alone.

Police officers are trained to call for backup anytime they think there is even a possibility of a situation getting beyond their ability to handle, and no one thinks twice about it. If you need emotional backup, talk to whoever you feel most comfortable with and take advantage of campus resources as needed.

And, if you see someone else struggling with issues surrounding depression, say something to someone, whether it is speaking to that person yourself or contacting another campus resource like an RA or coach to get someone the help they may need but not want to ask for.

As we get closer to finals and other end-of-semester events, the CWRU Police Department usually sees a spike in depression-related incidents. We cannot do anything about the color of the sky, but we can look out for each other.


CWRU Police Blotter Oct. 8, 2012 to Oct. 15, 2012

Oct. 8 – Suspect arrested passing counterfeit bill, criminal simulation, Starbucks E. 115th Street.

Oct. 10 – Front tire taken off of locked bicycle, petty theft, A.W. Smith Building.

Oct. 11 – Unattended iPad taken, theft, Thwing Center.

Oct. 14 – Bike taken from bike room between Oct. 8 and Oct. 11, bicycle theft, Clarke Tower.

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