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As we all crawl out of the holes we went into to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, which brought us loads of cold rain and high winds (and this is different from a normal November in Cleveland because…?), we would like to bring your attention to a recent trend and a new service available here at Case Western Reserve University that both deal with campus safety.

The trend is tailgating. Not the vehicular kind, but the kind where someone other than you ducks into an access-controlled building after you swipe in.

Recently, the CWRU Police Department detained a pair of juveniles, or individuals who are under 18 years old, who were inside a residence hall attempting to steal items from common areas and suites. When asked how they got in, their response was one we have heard a lot over the years, which is basically something along the lines of “I walked in behind some guy or girl.”

This can obviously be a serious issue, especially in residence halls. We have also seen a recent rise in thefts from residence hall bicycle rooms, which implies that unauthorized people are getting into our buildings.

By now you should hopefully know who does and does not belong in your building. If you do not, it may be time to get out more. If you see someone inside a residence hall who you do not think belongs there, please give the CWRU Police Department a call at 216-368-3333 and we will check it out.

On another note, there is now a new service being offered for purchase by CWRU students, staff, and faculty through the university software center. It is called LoJack for Laptops and once installed can give you the power to block access to data on your laptop, should it ever be stolen.

It can also offer a tracking service and the services of a theft recovery team. As always, not having your laptop stolen in the first place is the best option. Do not leave laptops or other valuables unattended, especially in public access or high traffic areas.


CWRU Police Blotter 10/15/12 to 10/29/12

Oct. 16 – Forced entry attempted to apartment, attempted burglary, E.117th Street

Oct 19 – Toolbox taken from storage area, petty theft, NRV Field

Oct. 21 – Juvenile suspects detained and charged after attempting to take items from student suite, burglary, Sherman House.

Oct. 22 – Items taken from contractor’s vehicle, theft from motor vehicle, Lincoln Storage Building lot.

Oct. 26 – Bicycle taken from bicycle storage room, bicycle theft, Clarke Tower.

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