On the Beat

The Case Western Reserve University Police Department would like to say welcome back to all our students, staff, and faculty returning winter break. Hopefully everyone had a chance to rest, recharge, celebrate, and possibly over-eat. Now it is time to keep those New Year’s resolutions to be a better person and move forward into a new, exciting semester.
The fall semester of 2011 was relatively uneventful from a CWRU PD and campus safety perspective. However, during the last two weeks of the semester we had to issue several security alerts regarding a series of robberies on and around campus.
These served as an unfortunate reminder that CWRU is in an urban setting and that good trends do not last forever. As we move into the new semester, CWRU PD would like to offer the following safety tips and reminders:

–          Most robbery incidents occur in hours of darkness, which begin earlier in the day at this time of year. When moving around campus during these hours, try to stick to well-lit and well-traveled areas.

–          Especially during late hours, use transport services such as the shuttle buses and Safe Ride (368-3000) as often as you need to. Also, try to walk with friends or a group. Most of our robberies affect individuals who are traveling by themselves.

–          If you think you see someone else in trouble or are in a situation where you feel nervous or threatened, call CWRU PD at 216-368-3333.

–          Pay attention to your surroundings when walking around campus; don’t bury yourself too deeply in electronic devices.

–          If you are the victim of a robbery, call CWRU PD as soon as possible to report what happened and give any suspect descriptions or directions of travel.

Let’s look out for one another and have a great spring semester 2012.