RHA elections begin April 24, applications due tonight

Bryden Spevak, Senior News Reporter

The time has come again for community-minded students to join the Residence Hall Association (RHA). This semester marks the prominent organization’s third-annual spring elections, created as a way for council heads and members to get a head start on the next academic year’s programming. The spring elections bring in a new president and vice president to each second-year and Upper-Class Community Council, while the rest of the positions are filled in the fall.

RHA is made up of seven councils, each representing one of the residential communities at CWRU with its own governing board, budget, structure, and advisor. Each council works closely with individual students in the residence halls, student groups, and university administration to ensure that student voices are heard and communication is facilitated. They work to provide living spaces that are more than just places to sleep. RHA gives students a voice to make tangible changes in their communities.

Executive president Mara Gallagher, a senior, thinks RHA allows residents to more deeply connect with their campus and CWRU community.

“RHA is a great way to make a large impact on campus,” Gallagher explained. “Each Community Council works as a team for their community, so the impacts you make are right where you live.”

Not only does RHA work to develop the community, it also acts as a mechanism through which members can develop personally.
“As an organization, we strive to provide leadership development opportunities throughout the year, so our leaders are always learning and applying new skills,” said Gallagher.

Applications for president and vice president can be found on the RHA website, and provide further details on each position’s duties and how students can get involved in any leadership position with the organization. Voting will take place April 24-25.