Sex and Dating: Three month hiatus: What to do with all that free time

Prof. BuckNaked

So it appears it’s that time of life again. The sun is shining, the temperatures are up and so is your libido. Just in time for…finals! So there’s probably not much in the way of fun times with your sexy someone coming your way in the next few weeks. Then, unless your certain pants partner happens to live close by you, and isn’t flying to an exotic destination to make obscene amounts of money at an internship, you’ll be stuck alone for three months. Think about, nothing but Jill and a box of tissues to keep you company for three whole months! How will you cope? Fear not, young sexual explorer, part of the Prof. Naked’s job is to show you what to do with all that space in between sex (radical concept, I know)!

So you say you can’t possibly be without the sexiest person alive for more then five whole minutes! I mean, what will you do? Well, here’s one thing to try. Now I know it’s a revolutionary concept here at a school where the main lecture hall has no windows, but you could try going outside. See what the local flavor has to offer wherever you are. Those of you blessed enough to keep close to Cleveland should especially take this opportunity, if only so you can properly complain about pointless things like expensive parking and people from Rocky River.

If the sun is nothing but a foreign ball of fire to you, there’s always the option of exploring your hobbies. Or, trying out new hobbies. Now, I know most engineering students would scoff at anything resembling what happens up at Mather Quad, but try exploring things you initially assumed were pointless pursuits distracting you from “Halo 11” and “COD: MW 8½.” Try exploring lofty, snobby subjects like art history or popular culture research. Try taking a class in which you learn why we are so obsessed with sexy times as a society (which is why you all come here for my charming advice).

I’m not saying you and your partner should never contact each other in your separation, but a healthy relationship can be built when you are together or apart. Call each other, video chat (or perhaps more) when bandwith allows, but also take time to do things on your own. It’s no good moping around waiting for time zones to change so you can desperately call to say how not crazy you definitely are.

The important thing to remember is that every relationship will have times when you are together and times when you are apart. Learning to adapt to these is not selfish or unloving, it’s what you must, and should, do during these times. Go to a museum, see a movie with friends, go join a roller-blading team. Something that piques your interest and helps you explore yourself is just as important as exploring the world with another.

This may all seem like clichéd advice from your grandmother, but sometimes advice really is timeless. If you must be apart for your sexy someone for whatever reason, use the time to both of your advantage. That way, when you can be together, you’ll have exciting tales to tell, instead of “I spent three hours waiting for a phone call. Then I went to bed.” Also, a lovely reunion gift of chocolates never hurt anyone.