Sigma Psi to create “magic” with 32nd Mr. CWRU

Jacob Martin, Staff Reporter

This evening, Friday November 19, the sisters of Sigma Psi sorority will proudly present the 32nd Annual Mr. CWRU pageant. It will be held in Schmitt Auditorium, and begins at 7:30 p.m. Held every fall, the event helps raise funds for the East Cleveland Neighborhood Center (ECNC). This year, Sigma Psi’s theme asks, “Do you believe in the magic of Mr. CWRU?”

In this mock male beauty pageant, contestants will compete in five different categories: Representative costume, beachwear, formal wear, talent, and impromptu question. There will also be awards given to contestants throughout the pageant, including Mr. Photogenic, Mr. Macho, and Mr. Congeniality, as well as raffles for prizes that include a Melt gift certificate, Lake Erie Monsters tickets, and tickets to the Cleveland Zoo.

The sorority’s beneficiary, the ECNC, works to better the East Cleveland neighborhood and its surrounding areas. Although the event starts at 7:30 p.m. in Schmitt, the Jolly Scholar has agreed to donate a percentage of their proceeds from their dinner rush if customers mention it, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Contestants will start the evening modeling, during which a select few move on to the semifinals. The semifinalists will then perform their talent, and finalists will have to answer a question before the judges make their decisions. There has been talk of some fairly interesting and interactive talents, but since only semifinalists perform, it is hard to say what will happen.

The guest judges this year are a panel that could spot a Mr. CWRU out of all Case undergraduates. It includes Dean Julie Amon, Provost Lynn Singer, mathematics Professor Chris Butler, English Professor Brad Ricca, and former Mr. CWRU contestant Justin Chiou.

Most of the contestants are sponsored by Greek organizations, including the newly formed Delta Chi. However, there is a good representation of non-Greek organizations sponsoring contestants, including RHA, Murray Hill RHA, the biomedical engineers, and the fencing team.

So as the sisters of Sigma Psi inquire, “Do you believe in the magic of Mr. CWRU?”