Spartan club hockey gets thumped by Tartans

Lisa Viers, Contributing Reporter

Around 200 people, mostly CWRU students, came to the Cleveland Heights Recreation Center the night of Oct. 1 to cheer on their hockey team. Some fans held signs with player’s numbers on them, and others chanted to support their Spartans—“Goalie Joe!” “Mike Jones!” “Canada!” (The latter referring to first-year student Tyler Marotta, a Canadian native.) Unfortunately for the fans in attendance the Spartans weren’t able to give the home crowd a win, falling 18-4 to the archrival Tartans.

During a game of rock-paper-scissors, there is some ambiguity over why paper beats rock—when clearly a rock can crush paper. But in a game of Spartans versus Tartans, there should have been no question of the outcome between fierce spear-baring warriors and a Scottish fabric pattern. Unfortunately, the Carnegie Mellon Tartans, clad in crimson and white, gave the CWRU Spartans a hard time during the season opener for the CWRU club.

Offense wasn’t as much of a problem as it was last season for the CWRU club team, who came out of the first period trailing Carnegie Mellon only 5-3. There were many penalties called early in the game, and this seemed to disrupt the flow for the Spartans, especially on the defensive end. The Spartan’s defensive zone coverage developed gaping holes after the first period, with majority of the goals came within five feet of the net—allowing Carnegie Mellon an 11-4 lead at the end of the second period. At this point, many fans starting seeping out of the stands, abandoning their valiant Spartans in the middle of battle.

“I wish they knew when things get bleak we don’t want them to leave,” said defenseman Peter Thompson. “Having the fans there to give support really gives a morale and energy boost to the team, and the team would love to have high attendance at all of their home games.”

In an attempt to change the flow of the game, John Richards subbed in for Timpona as the Spartan goaltender in the third period. However, Richards effort wasn’t able to put a plug in the Spartans defense as the team yielded another seven goals in the final period. There were 17 total penalties called in the third period, some of which the Spartans didn’t quite agree with. The game ended with a score of 18-4, with the four CWRU goals scored one each by center John Stockmann and winger Anthony Perugini, and forward Rick Wattras with two.

After the game had ended, forward Mike Malone said “we were all obviously disappointed” about the result. However, the team now realizes what they need to do in order to better prepare for their next game. The Spartans need to tighten up their defense and prevent second chance goals while putting shots on target in order to win games. The CWRU Ice Hockey Club takes on Community College of Allegheny County tonight, Friday, Oct. 8 on their home ice at the Cleveland Heights Recreation Center on Monticello Boulevard off Mayfield. The game will begin at 8 p.m., and Greenies will be providing transportation to and from the game. The club also has three more home games this month, on the nights of Oct. 23, 29, and 30.