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Spartan Spotlight: Chelsea Peck

Chelsea Peck is a senior on the women’s basketball team. Peck is from Pittsburgh, Pa. and is double majoring in chemistry and business management.


Ben Yavitt: Chelsea, welcome. You know the drill. How long have you been playing basketball?

Chelsea Peck: …Eleven years? Those years are such a blur now!

BY: It does go by fast. It seems that just yesterday I was playing with Pokemon cards and riding a Razor scooter – wait, that was yesterday… Who inspired you to start playing?

CP: It would have to be my dad and brothers. All those years they would block my shot in the backyard and dunk over me…. Guess who’s doing the dunking now?! Still not me…

BY: Sorry to hear that. Do you have any hobbies or extracurricular activities?

CP: Shopping is my main source of cardio outside of basketball. I also find myself collecting parking tickets. Thank you Case and Cleveland. I will not be paying those, either. The money has a better ROI hanging in my closet.

BY: I would believe the business major. What is your best basketball memory?

CP: Let’s see, there are so many to pick from. One that really stands out in my mind is… Well, let me just draw a picture for you. Imagine, if you will, Erica Iafelice at Carnegie Mellon, fouling girls as usual. She ends up on the ground after an amazing hustle play and I walk over to help her up. “Here Erica, take my hand… Oh, no? You got it?” Up, down, up, down, up, down. Yes. There was Erica, doing pushups in the middle of the game.

BY: Good stuff. What is your worst basketball memory?

CP: How about a stat line that read “Points: 0, Assists: 0, Player Fouls: 3, Minutes played: 6.” Wow. I was such a contributor that game.

BY: Honestly, you probably contributed more than LeBron in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals. What is your favorite quote?

CP: In the famous words of Coach Reimer, “Hey guys, remember when we had McDonald’s before our practice and Marissa threw up? Yes? Well…this is worse than that!” – referring to our pregame meal in Brussels, Belgium.

BY: Can’t go wrong with McDonald’s. If you could invite any three people to dinner, living or dead, who would they be and why?

CP: Three people, who would have the pleasure of eating dinner with me? I would allow Josh Harnett, considering he has been my screensaver for the last three years; Audrey Hepburn, she is me; and last but not least, my girlfriend Evy Iacono, she likes to hold my hand.

BY: Classy. I like it. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you and why?

CP: If someone would make a movie about my life…people would not believe it! There is only one person in this entire world that I would trust playing me. Her name? Berit Eppard. She is no professional actress…but she sure does understand the trials and tribulations of Chelsea Peck.

BY: She could do all the basketball scenes on top of that. What’s your least favorite thing about basketball?

CP: Being white!

BY: Don’t be mad. They invented the three-point shot just for you. What would we find in your locker right now that might surprise us?

CP: Hmm. My locker. For those who know me this may not be so surprising, but you would find clothes for every occasion: animal print, floral print, even a shirt with an array of animal stuff on it. By the way, for anyone in need, the locker named “Emily Mueller” is dubbed “Community Locker;” it has everything you need.

BY: I am always in the market for a new animal print shirt. What is one thing that most people don’t know about basketball?

CP: If you know how to tango and salsa, you can definitely play basketball.

BY: That makes sense. I don’t know how to do either of those. What goes through your mind during a match?

CP: On offense: “Ughhh running, I hate running. Slow down. Good thing I’m a post; I don’t have to be fast. Okay. Made it. Where is my girl. Wow. She is slower than I am. Oh god, I am open. Crap. Crap. Crap. Here comes the ball. CATCH IT. Don’t Panic. Panicking. Just tell coach it’s swag when she asks. Where am I!? Am I open? No. I can be. Pivot. Pivot. Pivot. Open! Oh, but so is Mas Miles. She better not dribble before she shoots it.” And on defense: “Why am I so small. Ouch, Ouuuuuuuchhhhhh. OWWWWW…Yep, there goes my shoulder… Okay. Back in. Passing lane. Passing. Please don’t throw that pass.. She is definitely not open, but she is totally open. Passing lane. No middle. Where is my help side? Anyone?! Thank god Erica Iafelice loves to hack more than me! Okay. More running. See you down there.”

BY: Wow, you think about a lot. I would have just guessed “Let’s try and score more points that the other team.” Any insights on how the season is going so far?

CP: We are playing the best we have been. We just have to keep it up. It is now just getting started.

BY: I like that attitude. Thanks a lot Chelsea, and good luck with the rest of the season.

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