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Spartan Spotlight: Evy Iacono

Evy Iacono is a senior captain on the Women’s Basketball team. Iacono is from Cincinnati, Ohio and majoring in Biology/Pre-Vet.


Ben Yavitt: Evy, welcome to the first Spartan Spotlight of the semester. It is an honor. Let’s get into it. How long have you been playing basketball?

Evy Iacono: Since I could walk.

BY: Quite impressive. I got really into race walking when I was that age. What inspired you to start playing?

EI: I was the only girl on my street growing up, so I stood my ground by beating the boys in knockout.

BY: It was girls like you that made my friends and me cry during gym class. Nothing was worse for a second grader than getting beat in knockout… Anyways, do you have any hobbies?

EI: Cooking. All my roommates call me TopChef.

BY: You hear that Rachael Ray? Look out. Who is your favorite athlete?

EI: Bill Bradley

BY: Nice choice. He is a smart dude. Any athletic honors?

EI: National Team of the Week/ UAA Athlete of the Week.

BY: You forgot to mention five time UAA Athlete of the Week (Congrats by the way). You must be running out of room for those things. Any academic honors?

EI: I think there are some of those too.

BY: Don’t think too hard. What is your best basketball memory?

EI: Playing basketball in Europe after sophomore year. Practicing on an outdoor court with the Alps in the background, chasing teammate Chelsea Peck through the streets of Lake Como with Julie Mooney, and, of course, eating gelato.

BY: I am jealous. What is your worst basketball memory?

EI: The ball bouncing off my face when I was attempting a rebound, but luckily into the waiting arms of teammate Berit Eppard. She’s always there when you need her.

BY: Haha. Hope that didn’t show up on the SportsCenter Not Top 10. What is your favorite quote?

EI: “I’ll never let you fall” –Berit Eppard while catching people crowd surfing. Again, always there when you need her.

BY: You are lucky. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

EI: Treating horses and playing with puppies.

BY: Aww. You could get your own Animal Planet show too. What makes basketball stand out from other sports?

EI: We definitely have the coolest shoes.

BY: That probably is true. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

EI: While I’m not sure anyone can really capture my essence, probably Julie Mooney, because she’s so animated, as the new Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

BY: I have been waiting so long for another sequel! I am excited. What is your least favorite thing about basketball?

EI: Five spot closeouts. Just ask anyone on the team…painful.

BY: I will, because I have no idea what you are talking about. If you were a guy for a day, what would you do?

EI: Dunk. It’s always been a dream of mine.

BY: I have a 7-foot hoop in my driveway. I slam it down on that thing all the time. You should try it. If you could participate in any other sport, what would you pick?

EI: Racquetball. I’m undefeated (except when playing against Ross Twanmoh).

BY: That’s considered defeated, but I bet you are still pretty good. What would we find in your locker right now that might surprise us?

EI: Old Spice deodorant. Have to smell fresh. Emily Mueller and I are the best smelling on the team.

BY: You got to believe in your smellf. What is the one thing that most people don’t know about basketball?

EI: Sometimes we practice without a ball, and those aren’t good days.

BY: What? Do you only have one basketball? I think we can afford more. What goes through your mind during a match?

EI: I’m ready for a timeout.

BY: What is the high point of the basketball season?

EI: Definitely beating Wash U. No one likes them.

BY: I don’t like them. Who is the best athlete you have every competed with?

EI: Tough decision. Against, probably fellow senior Erica Iafelice, we got thrown out of practice freshman year. With, I’d say Marissa Miles, check her out on twitter @LedFeetMas, her twitter name says it all.

BY: Wow. I think that is the first Twitter shout out in Spartan Spotlight history. Cool stuff, I will check it out. Any insight on how the season is going so far?

EI: Kicking ass and taking names.

BY: Well said. Thanks a lot Evy, and good luck with the rest of the season!

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