Spartan Spotlight: Zack Homyk


Zach Homyk is a senior wide receiver for the Spartan’s undefeated football team. The finance major caught the game-winning touchdown last weekend at the University of Rochester. Homyk is from the Chicago suburb of Wildwood, Illinois.

Peter Cooke: So Zach, what ended up causing you to play football?

Zach Homyk: My brother Bryce plays volleyball and I didn’t like the concept of cheering in between scores.

PC: That and watching dudes in spandex, what are some of the things you do off the field?

ZH: Making beef jerky and riverboat gambling trips.

PC: Nothing better than sailing down the Mississippi living on caviar and jerky. Who’s your favorite athlete?

ZH: Reggie Bush and Michael Jordan.

PC: I don’t think you’d be giving back any Heisman’s you get eh? What’s your best sports memory?

ZH: 33 straight regular season wins, and my Wooster touchdown.

PC: 33 and counting. What’s your worst football memory?

ZH: Returning the punt against Rochester, special thanks to Shaun Nicely.

PC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

ZH: Managing a nightclub with Breezy called “Easy Town.”

PC: Let me know where that’s at I’ll be sure to stop by. What makes football different from other sports?

ZH: Coach Debeljak and his smile.

PC: Looks like Cheshire cat. If you could invite any 3 people to dinner, living or dead who would they be?

ZH: Gary Busey, Al Roker, and Pete Sasala

PC: One of those things is not like the others…would you rather have the strength of 1000 men, be able to fly or be invisible?

ZH: The strength of DJ Suita & Speed and Agility of Rolle Rozay AKA “One Thing”

PC: If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

ZH: They already made a movie about my life; I’m Doc Holiday from Tombstone. Starring in the movie is Joey Baum playing the role of Wyatt Earp.

PC: The dynamic duo. You’ve got the looks and the brains all you need is a wildcard. If you could be a girl for a day, what would you do?

ZH: Rob Dyrdek hands down…Chanel can be my personal escort around the factory

PC: I said ‘what’, not ‘who’. If you didn’t play football what sport would you play and why?

ZH: Curling, because it takes tremendous talent and personal drive.

PC: I hear you on that. I’ve never played on actual ice but I’ve fond memories of a trip to Indiana playing online curling with a Donkey until five in the morning. If someone were to peek inside you locker, what would they be surprised to find?

ZH: A Smirnoff Ice.

PC: I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m always prepared. What goes though your mind during a game?

ZH: Donkey Kong and Vanja Basaric.

PC: Sounds like an epic game plan. You’re Mario and Baum as Princess Peach, you can’t go wrong. What’s the high point of the football season?

ZH: Finishing my senior year with four consecutive undefeated seasons.

PC: And you’re humble too! Any insight on how the season is going so far?

ZH: Never satisfied.

PC: Enough said.