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Bence Tamas
Bence Tamas is a third-year undergraduate student studying Chemistry, French, and Pre-Medicine. He has worked for The Observer since Fall 2013 as Director of Business Operations, overseeing advertisement sales, marketing initiatives, and managing the budget.

Outside of his work with The Observer, Bence is the president of his fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, serves as co-chair for Thwing Study Over, and has been a two-time Orientation Leader. He explores his love for coffee at Starbucks, where he has worked as a barista for two years. When he isn't busy working or studying, he loves to travel and explore new places, invigorate his senses with new tastes and foreign dishes, and enjoy relaxing weekends kicking back with friends. Reach Bence at

Bence Tamas, Director of Business

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Bence Tamas