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CWRU prepares for a review of its accreditation status

A view of Adelbert Hall, which contains Case Western Reserve University's administrative offices.

John Brogan, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2015

This spring, Case Western Reserve University will undergo a major review of its highest-level accreditation status, which allows the university to offer students federally-based financial aid. One part of the review will include a survey available to all CWRU students. CWRU’s review will be from...

USG designs syllabus database to help students with course registration

Sruthi Meka, Staff Reporter

November 21, 2014

The Undergraduate Student Government wants to make course registration easier. With the new syllabus database, created by the Academic Affairs subcommittee, students can look through a resource bank of syllabi for a number of undergraduate courses. “You hear from upperclassman, this class is hard,...

Cat skeletons, gladiators among The Observer’s picks for the five most interesting classes to take this spring

Cat skeletons, gladiators among The Observer's picks for the five most interesting classes to take this spring

Julia Bianco, News Editor

November 14, 2014

Opening up SIS can bring up a whirlwind of emotions: fear, anxiety, sometimes even pure terror. With hundreds of options available, how are students supposed to decide which classes to take each semester? Luckily, The Observer has you covered. We combed through SIS and found the five most interesting,...

University officials consider changing scholarship GPA requirement

Anastazia Vanisko, Staff Reporter

October 10, 2014

College is stressful. Anxiety from work and classes plagues students, and it can be made even worse when students are faced with the potential of losing their scholarship if their GPA drops too low. With this in mind, Case Western Reserve University is currently reviewing its scholarship retention requirements,...


October 10, 2014

When you ask many current students why they chose to attend Case Western Reserve University, one of the most common responses is a sheepish look and an admission that “they gave me the most money.” Some of that money comes from school or federal financial aid, but CWRU also provides substantial merit...

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