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Mukhi: When the campus becomes zombieland

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist April 6, 2018

This semester, I decided to play Humans vs Zombies through the CWRU Big Games Club. The game is, as described by the game’s site,, “an intense, 10 day long, game of tag played everywhere...

Indoor training is important, but it involves less face-to-face interaction with other members of the rowing team.

Mukhi: Why I choose to row

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist March 2, 2018

Near the beginning of last semester, I was a new student, awed and impressed by the experience of orientation week. Then came the day that the Horsburgh Gym filled for Sports-a-Palooza with all the non-varsity...

Mukhi: In defense of the Oxford comma

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist February 16, 2018

The Oxford comma isn’t something that I hear discussed a lot without provocation. When it is discussed, however, proponents and opponents defend their position ferociously. People I’ve asked about...

Mukhi: Navigating fraternity rush

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist February 2, 2018

I didn’t plan on rushing for a fraternity when I came to college. However, I attended fraternity rush events during my first semester. The allure of free food was too great, and as I spent time talking...

Mukhi: A Texan in winter

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist January 19, 2018

I’m freezing. It’s not that I’m not wearing jackets and a long-sleeved shirt or that I don’t have a hat and gloves. I’m just not used to winter. I’m from Houston, Texas. We’re on the Gulf...

Mukhi: Questioning if the First Amendment applies to social media

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist December 8, 2017

On its face, the answer to the question of whether or not you should police social media content from a standpoint of morality or appropriateness is simple: Do it. Users signed the terms and conditions...

Mukhi: You know what I meme

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist November 17, 2017

If you’re like me, you probably frequent the Facebook group “Case Memes for Academically Challenged [B]eans.” You’ve probably seen posts that reference emails sent about business that directly...

Mukhi: Spending your fall break on campus

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist November 2, 2017

Although many students at Case Western Reserve University went home over fall break, I stayed on campus. It didn’t make sense to travel home, stay there for two days and travel back in a random week...

Mukhi: Visibility for women of color

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist October 6, 2017

Like many of my peers on campus, I love the student-run diversity initiatives at Case Western Reserve University. However, some organizations get more publicity than others. One of the organizations that...

Mukhi: An ode to think[box]

Zubair Mukhi, Columnist September 15, 2017

The corridor connecting this building to Veale Center smells like wood. There’s a pizza vending machine. The outside of the building looks like a layered barcode. There’s only one place on campus...

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