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Richards: The importance of hands-on learning in college

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist February 19, 2021

For most people, college is the last step they take before being thrown into the deep end of reality and entering the workforce in a field of their choice. It’s also a daunting endeavor that nobody tells...

Richards: The campus bubble

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist January 29, 2021

Last semester, Case Western Reserve University kept a less than one percent COVID-19 positivity rate by reducing the campus population, initiating safety measures and routine testing of students and faculty....

A handshake always traditionally defined job interviews. Now, a new future awaits us.

Richards: What happens when the formal handshake no longer exists?

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist November 6, 2020

The job search and interview process, as we know it, has fundamentally changed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the social construct of the handshake has been eliminated for the foreseeable future. What...

Richards: The mystery behind personal accountability and remote learning

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist October 23, 2020

Before this semester, I thought paying attention in class was already hard, as it is. And then, everything went remote. Now, it’s even harder. The thing is, the physical attendance of a classroom...

Bon Appétit's Plum Market Kitchen will be entering the space vacated by Constantino's Market when it closed in April.

Richards: Bon Appétit Management Company and Plum Market Kitchen: The crossover we didn’t want

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist September 18, 2020

On May 14, 2012, Constantino’s Market debuted to the University Circle community at Case Western Reserve University. Eight years later, on April 25, 2020, it closed its doors for the last time. Constantino’s...

Richards: The importance of university transparency amidst a pandemic

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist August 27, 2020

It was the week before move-in day at Case Western Reserve University when half of the undergraduate population was told they were no longer eligible for living on-campus. Second and third years were told...

Richards: Improving sanitization practices on campus should be a top priority

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist April 24, 2020

As the end of this most chaotic, unprecedented semester draws closer, we must start to think about the return to normality—or the hope of it—for the upcoming fall semester. Given the spread of COVID-19...

Richards: Why I can’t get any work done at home

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist April 6, 2020

While we are all enjoying the company of our families, pets and own rooms at home, this transition to remote learning has introduced a slew of distractions that most Case Western Reserve University students...

Richards: Club sports should count toward physical education credits

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist February 6, 2020

As I start my sixth semester here at Case Western Reserve University, the dreaded physical education (PE) requirement is looming upon me. Two semesters worth of physical education classes are required...

Richards: Questioning the placement of new waste and recycling bins

Jason Richards, Staff Columnist January 17, 2020

If you’ve attended the first few classes of the semester this past week at Case Western Reserve University—which you hopefully have—you’ve probably noticed a handful of the 1,200 new trash and...

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