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Martz: It’s time to think about friendships and how they affect our mental health

Paulina Martz, Staff Columnist February 13, 2020

Friendships are relationships that often go overlooked when it comes to discussions about health and wellness. This is—in some ways—understandable. We’ve all had bad friends who we simply drifted...

Martz: Halloween and the spirit of giving

Paulina Martz, Staff Columnist November 1, 2019

As Halloween approached (and then flew by), I found myself thinking more than usual about the holiday on this campus. Amidst the Black Friday-esque mad dash at Party City three minutes before close, I...

Christopher Robin is one of several 2018 remakes of classic films from the nostalgia generation. Remakes of these movies show our generations desire to return to the good old days.

Martz: The nostalgia generation

Paulina Martz, Columnist March 23, 2018

For the kids on the edge of the millennial and Generation Z crossover—that is kids born anywhere from the late 1980s to the first five years of the second millennium—there is no definite line in the...

Martz: What you can learn from theater

Paulina Martz, Columnist February 23, 2018

When I told my friends in high school that I was going to Case Western Reserve University, they were all a little confused. Why did I, a double humanities major, come to a highly ranked STEM school? Well,...

Martz: Taking the stress out of Valentine’s Day

Paulina Martz, Columnist February 9, 2018

Valentine’s Day. A holiday that strikes fear in the hearts of some, loathing in the hearts of many and loveーit seemsーin the hearts of few. Valentine’s Day has seemingly divided us into groups of...

Martz: Tips on clearing the clutter

Paulina Martz, Columnist January 26, 2018

Alright, confession time. I sat down to write an article on how to best prepare oneself for the start of a new semester by organizing and decluttering your space and your life. But I had to sit on my floor...

Martz: Non-cliche advice on taking risks

Paulina Martz, Columnist December 8, 2017

The idea of taking a risk is not new to any of us. The deliberations and the fears that stand by the side of most major decisions aren’t either. I have been battling these demons myself for the past...

Martz: Thanksgiving is underrated

Paulina Martz, Columnist November 17, 2017

In between the mourning of the end of the Internet’s favorite spooky night and the capitalist rush towards Christmas falls the perfectly pleasant, yet often forgotten, holiday of Thanksgiving. Muddled...

Martz: Fun fall activities across, near campus

Paulina Martz, Columnist November 2, 2017

As fall approaches, it’s time to discuss which activities are the best to celebrate this most exciting time of year. Case Western Reserve University’s campus offers a lot of fall-specific activities....

Martz: How theater connects campus

Paulina Martz, Columnist October 13, 2017

For a highly respected, STEM-focused research university, Case Western Reserve University has a booming theater community. Just this semester, 10 shows will premiere or have premiered on our campus. Between...

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