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Editorial: CWRU should pay for security cameras in Strosacker

Strosacker Auditorium contains no security cameras, which are useful to identify thieves.

Editorial Board

February 19, 2016

The campus buildings on the quads are safe, right? The idea that there is a Case Western Reserve University building that isn’t watched over by CWRU security or the university’s police department seems ridiculous. But, as CWRU Film Society found out on Feb. 4, that is the reality of Strosacker...

Gupta: A new blueprint for greenie routes

Kushagra Gupta, Opinion Editor

February 19, 2016

Campus transportation on grounds that extends slightly over a mile should not be the impossible task that it’s now made out to be. The idea that Case Western Reserve University students should wait for a greenie as long as it takes to walk that distance doesn’t make any sense. As someone who’s...

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