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Jawhari: Issues exist with modern immigration reform

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist February 24, 2017

Unless you are of Native American descent, you are a descendant of someone who did not originally inhabit the area that we now consider to be our nation. It seems this is a difficult truth to accept for...

Jawhari: Trump isn’t the end of the world, just U.S exceptionalism

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist February 10, 2017

The United States has forfeited its rank as leader of the free world. It is not incongruous to propose that we may no longer have a seat in the entire free empire. This is not a sneaking suspicion or defamatory...

Jawhari: Amid condemnation, women’s march a start

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist January 27, 2017

On Jan. 21, 2017—one day after the inauguration of Donald Trump—millions of people worldwide participated in the Women’s March on Washington. The title is no misnomer. Though the majority of...

Jawhari: The fake news effect

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist December 9, 2016

Fake news has been in the real news frequently lately—and for good reason. Though it seems counterintuitive to chastise fake news networks on legitimate platforms devoid of their readership, such as...

Jawhari: Damsels Be Damned

Jawhari: Damsels Be Damned

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist October 14, 2016

This month, women in hijabs adorned the covers of both Playboy and Women’s Running magazines. Backlash to the former publication manifested itself in the hashtag #hoejabi as supportive congrats were...

Jawhari: A case for anti-social media

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist September 23, 2016

I read my old writing, cringing and rewording in my head, the vantage point of a more mature reader letting me judge the “me” that used a trite metaphor or botched syntax. Somehow a few lines are good....

Jawhari: Floss, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs

Sarah Jawhari, Columnist August 20, 2016

Patients lie. Some more than others. In 2008 a survey found that four in 10 patients stretched the truth when in the dental chair. Patients lie because they do not want to be judged, lectured or perceived...

The CDCs Roybal campus in Atlanta, GA. The recent issue of the agencys monthly report, Vital Signs, didnt blame the mens role in unplanned pregnancies and instead only targeted women.

Jawhari: Who’s your daddy? Apparently, vodka

Sarah Jawhari February 12, 2016

Fetal alcohol disorders were recently featured in “Vital Signs,” a monthly report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although the article spurred controversy from readers, representatives...

Jawhari: Sticking it to the man

Sarah Jawhari October 9, 2015

Carl Djerassi, known as the father of the modern female birth control pill, wrote in the New York Review of Books last year that the invention “separated [sex] from its reproductive consequences.”...

Sarah Jawhari: It’s a (two) party and no one’s invited

Sarah Jawhari September 11, 2015

The frenzy hurtling us into the 2016 elections is nauseating to me. I despise politics. I actively choose not to follow it the same way I choose not to listen to the tedious din the radio believes popular....

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