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Students for Sensible Drug Policy hopes to reform CWRU’s handling of alcohol, drug violations

Julia Bianco, Director of Web & Multimedia

September 25, 2015

Case Western Reserve University is joining over 150 other college campuses in Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international grassroots organization that looks to educate people on the harmful effects of drug abuse and the war on drugs. “I want to bring people together to have honest...

A drug as a tool

A drug as a tool

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2015

A traveler of the world, Dr. Youwei Zhang studied pharmacology in China, then Japan and finally the United States. As a child, he grew up in the countryside and was ripe with curiosity. He remembers that exploring the world was one of his favorite pastimes. It taught him how to confront a new environment...

Cancer drug’s inner workings help explain why some patients don’t clot

Kushagra Gupta, Staff Reporter

October 3, 2014

What if you were given chemotherapy drugs to fight cancer, but knew that those drugs could increase the likelihood of blood clots? A recent five-year long study by Dr. Lalitha Nayak of University Hospitals found that, unlike most cancer drugs, Bortezomib will reduce cancer, but will not increase clotting....

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