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Revival of gender equality amendment

Revival of gender equality amendment, Virginia Behmer

April 27, 2018

A film screening and a live screen discussion panel celebrated the second annual Campus Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Day, which was hosted by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women (CFW) to increase support and awareness for the ERA. Case Western Reserve University is one of eight total universities...

Rasberry: What makes a “good” feminist?

Kate Rasberry

February 5, 2016

“Feminists.” When you hear the word, most people think of a set few types of people. Some recall a woman who insists upon women’s rights without appearing particularly supportive of her views in her own practice. Some think of boyfriends who have been “whipped” into participating in their girlfriends’...

Menon: Don’t degrade other women

Arundhati Menon

January 22, 2016

Last semester, as I was in the middle of the last of my studying marathon study sessions for finals, I began to contemplate the meaning and use of life in the common room of a friend’s residence hall. I was going over review sheets and previous tests with a friend who lived on the floor, when...

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