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Revival of gender equality amendment

Revival of gender equality amendment, Virginia Behmer April 27, 2018

A film screening and a live screen discussion panel celebrated the second annual Campus Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Day, which was hosted by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women (CFW) to increase support...

Rasberry: What makes a “good” feminist?

Kate Rasberry February 5, 2016

“Feminists.” When you hear the word, most people think of a set few types of people. Some recall a woman who insists upon women’s rights without appearing particularly supportive of her views in...

Menon: Don’t degrade other women

Arundhati Menon January 22, 2016

Last semester, as I was in the middle of the last of my studying marathon study sessions for finals, I began to contemplate the meaning and use of life in the common room of a friend’s residence hall....

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