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You can’t kill the increasing progress of this improved entry into this iconic series

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

September 2, 2016

In 2011, the “Deus Ex” series had long been dormant, its previous iterations having come out at the turn of the 21st century as revolutionary first-person role-playing shooters about nanotechnology-augmented government agents taking on global conspiracies ranging from sinister corporations all the w...

Here Comes Snooki Jr: Emmys 2012

Drew Scheeler, Film and Television Reporter

September 28, 2012

It has never been easier to find mediocrity on television. Just turn on a random basic cable channel right now and you will probably stumble across some tyrannical child practicing for her pageant with a dance so inappropriate that a floozy getting a spray tan in Jersey would recoil in horror. But before...

“Elementary” Dares to be Mediocre

Drew Scheeler, Film and Television Reporter

September 21, 2012

This past May, Guinness World Records awarded our old friend Sherlock Holmes the world record for most portrayed literary human character on film and television based on their count of 254 appearances. If that award seems a little surprising, it’s because over his many appearances the character of Sherlo...

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